Terror from Beyond



Terror from Beyond or TFB is one of several operations in Star Wars The Old Republic. It is moderate to long in regards of time to complete and takes about an hour and half to two hours (depending on the group). There are 5 bosses: The Withering Horror, Ciphas/Heirad/Kel’sara, Operator IX, Kehpess the Undying, The Terror from Beyond.

TFB also contains 3 bonus bosses. The first occurs just outside of the cave following the Withering Terror, the second is a mob money boss after the second core group, and the third is another mob money boss just after the Operator IX fight.



Upon entering the phase for TFB the group will encounter 2 groups of droid adds. There are 4 droids in the first group and 5 in the second. In the first group the INSERT NAME HERE droid in the back right of the group needs to be taken down first as it will cast a self destruct ability that will cause it to blow itself up and deal massive damage in a wide area. One tank should take this add while all dps attack it and the other tank should do their best to group up the other 3 adds to be aoe’ed after the INSERT NAME HERE is destroyed. The second group will also require the INSERT NAME HERE droid to be taken down first followed by the small probe INSERT NAME HERE and then aoe the remaining droids again.

The next area just after these droids contains INSERT NAME HERE adds. There will be several small adds and one large add. One tank should charge into the group and build threat on the whole group, the second tank will then use a single taunt to pull the large add out the group. Adds can then be destroyed. There are at least 4 of these groups to deal with and the fourth will have 2 large adds so will tanks will just need to hold aggro and healers will need to heal through the damage as dps aoe the group down.

The next area just up the ramp from here can just be run through ignoring the group of adds located there and dropping you down into the first boss fight area;


The Writhing Horror




Burrows in/out

Tanks need to use their gap closers and leap/jump to the boss ASAP when he reappears. Otherwise he will spit stuff at the raid. You do not lose target when the boss disappears so just spam your gap closer as soon you see the boss pop up. There is a set pattern on where the boss will appear next after he burrows in.

Jealous Male & Foul Offspring

Jealous Male and Foul Offspring spawns in the fight with a red text on screen. DPS/Healer need to be assigned to run to the red circle to “attract” the adds while a tank grab the Jealous Male

Tank Swap

Tank swap on the main boss everytime you see the Jealous Male spawn. Boss puts a Incubated debuff on whoever tanking it.

Red Circles

One red circle will spawn on the raid. It will usually spawn where the “flowers” are located on the ground. Don’t stand on the flowers unless you are assigned to red circle duty.

Corrosive Slime

This is a hard ticking DoT (3.6k damage every 3 seconds) that can be cleansed. Cleansing this DoT will now leave behind a yellow circle on the ground that damages anyone standing in it.

Twisted Spawn

These mobs spawn at ~10% (176k HP) and will attack the raid. Tank them if you can but your efforts should be on killing the boss ASAP

Things to do before the fight:

  • Assign people on red circle duty (healer/DPS). You can’t have a single person doing it as he/she will receive a debuff when they exit the circle. You will need 4 players for this, best to run through the dps.
  • Learn where the boss burrows (see diagram below)
  • Learn the locations of the 3 flowers on the ground and don’t stand on them during the fight. One of them will become a red pool when the Jealous Male spawns.
  • Know where to go when you get the Corrosive Slime debuff to be cleansed and drop a yellow circle.


There are two things to know about burrowing

  • There is a fixed pattern on where the boss spawns after he burrows
  • After he appears from the ground, he will spit at the raid unless someone has threat (i.e. tank) in melee range. Tanks will need to use gap closer on him ASAP. Failure to do so will cause him to spit at raid, causing raid wide damage.
  • The name of the spit is called Angry Spittle if you are tracking it via a combat log program (hits for 3k damage on hardmode)

This is the pattern he uses when burrowing. It is a 5 point star essentially. He will go back to point 1 and repeat the pattern.

If your tank is quick, you will get 1-2 spits on the boss from the boss maximum. The damage is fairly small and can be easily healed through.

Tank Swap

The tank tanking the boss will get stacks of a debuff called Incubation from the boss. This debuff doesn’t always land everytime (can be dodged) so you may get different stacks of it everytime. The maximum stack this debuff will go to is 10. Note: If the tanks swap or the tank on the boss needs to retaunt this can cause the debuff to pop off and will cause adds to spawn WITHOUT a flower to control them.

  • The number of stacks of Incubation determines how many Foul Offspring will spawn (see below).
  • Incubation debuff will fall off if the Jealous Male hits the tank with it
  • If the tank has 10 stacks of the Incubation debuff, he may explode

Generally, we tank swap every time we see the red text emote for Jealous Male spawning.The tank that was on the boss would grab the Jealous Male and erase his stacks of Incubation to spawn Foul Offspring.

Jealous Male, Foul Offspring & Red Circle

Jealous Male is an add with a fixed spawn timer

  • First spawns 45 secondsinto the fight (tank will usually have ~4 stacks of Incubation debuff here)
  • Second one spawns at 2:15(1:30 from the first add, tank will usually have ~8 stacks)
  • Third one spawns at 3:45(1:30 from second add)
  • Fourth one spawns at 5:15

There is a red text on your screen when he spawns – A Jealous Male Has Arrived to Defend His Mate!

When the Jealous Male spawns, one of the flowers on the ground will also turn into a red blood pool, this pool is used for the Foul Spring that will spawn right after.

Jealous Male has a cleave and knockback, tank him away from the raid. You should have the tank swapped here and have the tank with the Incubation debuff tanking him, this will spawn a bunch of smaller adds called Foul Offspring depending on the # of stacks of the debuff. Make sure the tank is not tanking the Jealous Male near the red pool as the knockback from the Jealous male can knock the person in the pool out of it.

The red pool will spawn with Jealous Male but it takes a second of mating for the Foul Offsprings to pop out. You will want to to have the assigned player to run into the red pool as soon the Jealous Male spawns and not move from the pool until the Foul Offsprings are killed. You will get a message on screen when the assigned player runs to the pool – Player X has absorbed the Calming Pheromones!

Moving out of the pool will cause the player to get a debuff called Stale Pheromones that prevent them from entering red circle again to attract the Foul Offsprings. If the player does that before the Foul Offsprings are killed, the red circle will disappear and the Offsprings will run wild on the raid.

This player inside the pool will attract all the Foul Offsprings to him/her. They have about a 10 second grace window where they will hardly take any damage from the Foul Offsprings. This is a perfect time for your DPS to unload their AOEs. Once the Offsprings are dead, kill the Jealous Male and then go back on the boss.

Corrosive Slime

This is a DoT applied to a random raid member (there is no warning but there is an animation for it) throughout the raid. The animation, however, is too fast and easily missed to be reliable. Instead, everyone should periodically check their debuff window for this icon and ask for a cleanse. 

If you have this debuff icon on you, move to a good location that is:

  • Not on top of the flowers
  • Not where the boss pops up after burrowing.


Once you have done that, either cleanse yourself or ask for a cleanse. Doing so will remove the debuff from you but leave a yellow circle on the ground. These yellow circles will damage anyone standing in them and persists for about a minute.


Twisted Spawn (boss burning 101)

Twisted Spawns are new adds in hardmode that spawns at around/after 5 minutes into the fight (contrary to popular belief, they are not spawned at the 10% mark and but spawns anywhere from 15-5% depending on your DPS. See screenshot below with Twisted Spawn spawning at 13%).

These things have 71k HP but you really shouldn’t be killing them. In addition to the Twist Spawns, you should also get the Jealous Male and the Foul Offspring to join in the fun. This is basically a max DPS burn phase, killing the boss down the final couple % before he spawns too many Twisted Spawns that wipes the raid.


Mobs and First Bonus Boss:


After exiting the area with the Writhing Horror the group will head back outside and will encounter a small group of adds. These can be burned down with aoe’s easily. Following the path forward 3 large hypergates will appear with several adds. Each time tanks will need to do their best to hold aggro on the adds and try group them up under the hypergate. The dps need to focus on the hypergate burning that down first, then finishing off the adds each time.

After the hypergates there will be a cave with several mobs. The group can mount up and fly through this whole cave gathering the adds up at the end. Allow tanks to go first letting them pull the groups. The easiest way to group the adds is have dps move all the way to the caves exit and tanks will attack the adds right where the path narrows and turns towards the exit. DPS can then burn the adds down there.

The first bonus boss is also just outside the cave. INSERT NAME HERE will need one tank to hold aggro and to turn the boss away from the group. The rest of the group (healers and ranged DPS as well) will need to stack up right on the bosses backside. INSERT NAME HERE will do a leap attack that will cause damage to the entire group. INSERT NAME HERE will drop cash, exotic isotope crafting mat and one max level crystal of random color and stat (power, endurance, or crit).

The next group of adds can be LOS’ed around a small pillar on the left side the path. They can then be quickly AOE’ed. The same can be down for the next 2 groups of similar adds.

The fourth set of adds here will require one tank to leap at the three adds at the bottom of the ramp and the second tank to leap up at the add on the top of the ramp. Bottom adds will be AOE’ed and top add can then be burned down. The group will then face off against Ciphas, Heirad, and Kel’Sara.


Ciphas, Heirad, and Kel’Sara



Kill order

Heirad –> Ciphas –> Kel’sara

Phase 1 : Heirad casts Surging Chains and becomes immune to damage

Source of immunity is from Ciphas, who needs to be damaged and then interrupted (Ciphas is immune to interrupts until you burn through his barrier).

Phase 1 : Tank Swap (all phases)

Both Ciphas and Kel’sara put stacking debuffs on their tanks that deals more damage with more stacks. Swap tanks at 5 stacks. Ciphas has a cleave so becareful when swapping around.

Phase 1 : Heirad Begins to channel Lighting Field

Everyone need to be assigned to a location in the room that they ran to during this phase. Goal here is to spread out as much as possible while keeping healers near tanks to top them off. The raid will take massive damage that can be lessened if everyone is spread out.

Phase 2: Ciphas strangle random raid members

Ciphas will need to be interrupted ASAP (tanks can do this) to stop the strangle

Phase 2: Ciphas dooms players

Person with doom need to run into 3 green circles to clear the debuff or they get one shot.

Phase 2: Green circles

Green circles are spawned on top of players, move away from them as soon as they spawn and don’t run through them unless you have Doom.

Phase 3: Death mark

Person marked need to run away from Kel’sara, use speed boosts or sorc/sage pulls to help marked player escape.

Phase 3: Withering Terror

Uncurable DoT that needs to be healed through

Phase 3 Kel’sara casts Force Leech on tank

Tank swap immediately and do not heal the tank being leeched (no HOTs, medpacks or Endure Pain)

Phase 3 Dread Guard Legionaries

Low HP adds that can be killed quickly, one of them casts Mass Affliction and need to be DPS’ed quick,.~ 7k HP per add

Boss buffs

All bosses are immune to CC and have the buff Death Covenant (When the target dies, any Dread Guard Commander in the area are fully healed). This is to prevent you from killing all bosses at the same time as killing one will fully heal the others.

In addition, every boss have uniques buffs.

  • Ciphas – Dark Pact – As Ciphas takes damage, Heirad occasionally becomes more and more empowered with Overcharge, significantly increasing the damage he deals.
  • Heirad – Dark Relief – As Heirad takes damage, Kel’sara occasionally receives significant healing
  • Kel’sara – Dark Bond – As Kel’sara takes damage, Ciphas occasionally becomes more and more empowered with Blood Vengeance, significantly increasing the damage he deals.

Heirad, in particular, have Taunt Immunity and cannot be taunted. He will instead target random players and damage them with Force Lightning.

Kill Order

The three bosses are killed in the following order: Heirad –> Ciphas –> Kel’sara (HCK). The reason for this order is as follows

  • Heirad have taunt immunity and damaging him heals Kel’sara, which doesn’t matter since Kel’sara will be fully healed once Heirad dies anyways.
  • Damaging Ciphas will buff Heirad’s damage but if Heirad is already dead then it doesn’t matter.
  • Killing each boss will introducing new abilities into the remaining bosses.

Phase 1 – Killing Heirad

Heirad will randomly shoot Force Lightning at random players in the raid. This attack deals 700-1400 damage per tick and ticks for 3-4 ticks. Two tanks will tank Kel’sara and Ciphas and do a tank swap on when the debuffs on the tanks reaches 5 (5 is an arbitrary number, you can swap earlier or later than 5).

After a few lighting attacks, you will see the message – Heirad Begins to Cast Surging Chain! Ciphas will hop over and casts Empowered Barrier on Heirad to make him immune to damage. Younow must damage Ciphas so break his shield bubble and the interrupt his Empowered Barrier ability. The symbol for his shield bubble is the same as the sorc/sage bubble. Surging Chain hits for 2.5-3.5k.

Heirad has some nasty tricks up in his sleeves for phase 1 on hardmode. He will start to channelLighting Field shortly after his Surging Chain immunity phase. This is a raid wide AoE that ticks for 1144 per tick for 7 ticks and then explodes, dealing anywhere from 6.6k –7.5k damage if you are all spread out to instant one shot if you are all clustered together. So, spread out as much as you can!The circles in the picture below will give you a rough idea of how much you need to spread out.

Generally if you are <50% HP when the lighting Field started, there is a very good chance you won’tsurvive it. Use defensive cooldowns/medpacks if you need.

Everyone need to be assigned a spot in the room that they run to for this phase so people don’t run into each other and get each other killed. Tanks and healers should be near each other so tanks can be topped off after this phase to tank Ciphase and Kel’sara. Ranged DPS should be assigned spots near the bosses they can they keep DPS during the Lighting Field phase to help meet enrage timer.

After the Lighting Field phase, it is a good idea to have everyone stack in the same pile (make sure you face Ciphas away from the raid due to his cleave) so healers can drop healing circles and heal everyone up at the same time.

Ideally, you will want to have only one Lighting Field in Phase 1 or otherwise you might have trouble with the enrage timer.


Phase 2 – Killing Ciphas

Killing Heirad bring new mechanics into phase 2 for Ciphas (Kel’sara is unchanged).

You still need to tank swap between Ciphas and Kel’sara while burning down Ciphas. Ciphas will doom random players in the raid (doesn’t seem to target tanks). You will get a red text on screen when this happens.

When someone is Doomed, they get 3 stacks of the Doom debuff on them and will need to run into 3 green circles on the ground to clear it.

Green circles on the ground are called Expiatory Motes and are spawned on top of players. You get a warning for when the circle will spawn as your character will get green mist shortly before the circle appears. Move as soon as you see the green mist.

You have about 10 seconds to clear Doom by running through the green circles, each time you run through a circle you will take about 2.2 k damage. Do not run through the circles if you don’t have Doom as you will take unnecessary damage and make the circle disappear.  Failure to clear Doom in a timely manner will hit you for 15246755 damage.

The new mechanic for Ciphas in phase 2 is his leap & strangle. The initial leap to a random raid member deals ~ 6k damage and the strange after deals about 4k damage per tick. Tanks will need to interrupt Ciphas to stop the Strangle (red text message on screen)


Phase 3 – Killing Kel’Sara

Killing Ciphas will introduce two new mechanics for Kel’sara.

  • Withering Terror, a 24 second DoT on random raid members that ticks for 1486 damage every 3 seconds. ~14 kdamage in total. Cannot be cleansed and must be healed through.
  • Death Mark – One random raid member will be marked for death (name will be announced in red text) and slowed. This person must run while Kel’sara chases them. On storymode you can take 1 hit from Kel’sara. This stage lasts about 20 seconds. Sorcs/Sages can use their pull to help marked players escaping from Kel’sara


Force Leech

Reduces healing on target (tank) by 99% and any healing to this target will cause their health leeched to Kel’sara. Tank swap immediately when you see the red emote and stop all healing for 20 seconds to the tank (don’t use medpacks or Endure Pain!)

As it can be hard to see due to the intensive healing on this phase, tanks will ideally call out for healers to not heal them. You will also want to make sure that tanks are topped off before the Force Leech starts so that they have some leeway.

Force leech comes about 10 seconds after Ciphas is killed and comes after every Death Mark phase.

Dread Guard Legionnaires

Three Dread Guard Legionaires will spawn in about the middle of the room  (might be more on 16m). The one in particular you have to kill ASAP is the one on the right (if you are facing the door behind the boss). He will cast Mass Affliction, which is a raidwide curable DOT that ticks for 1190 every second. That is a lot of raid damage and can be quite taxing for your healers so you will want to kill that particular guard ASAP. The rest of the Dread Guard Legionnaires are melee and will use Smash which deals for ~2.5k damage.

They have only ~7k HP on 8m so they should be killed as soon as they spawn. These Legionnaires are usually summoned a few seconds after Kel’sara marks someone for death so you can expect quite a few waves of them.

Other thoughts

  • Withering Terror, the uncurable DoT from Kel’sara, hits for 2.4k every 3 seconds on hardmode so you will want to make sure to top off whoever has the DoT.


Operator IX





Color coordination

Match every DPS with a tank or healer. Then each DPS +tank/healer pair pick a color.

Phase 1: Central circle color

The pair with the same color as the central circle undernearth Master Control will need to split up. The tank/healer stands inside the central circle while DPS channel at a console to unlock two datacores that can be attacked. You have 70 seconds in each colored phase to kill the two datacores (additional adds may spawn if you don’t kill them within the time limit).

Phase 1: Recognizer adds/Regulator

Recognizer adds will come running to attack the pair standing in the central circle or channeling at the console, a tank should remain to tank them. One regulator add will come instead of the Recognizer add when you destroy the last 2 datacores.

Phase 1: Timer on killing data cores.

Blue: 70 seconds, Orange: 60 seconds, Purple: 55 seconds, Yellow: 50 seconds. Failure to kill both datacores within the time limit will cause the Master Control to repeat that color (giving you time to kill the datacores) but also spawns a Rectifier and any adds in that phase.

Phase 1: Rectifier

Rectifier have a conal attack and must be tanked away from the raid.

Phase 1: Adds

Both orange and yellow will spawn 2x Champion adds called Regulators while blue and purple only spawn Recognizers. You want to make sure you kill the datacores in orange and yellow phase in a timely manner if possible.

Phase 1: Color spheres

Everyone must kill a color sphere of their color to get a buff for phase 2.

Phase 2: Black Obtuse

Players will need to find their colored circle within 10 seconds while Operator IX casts Black Obtuse.

Phase 2: Disinfection

Disinfection, a 19k hit (close to one shot) to a random player seems to be some sort of aggro wipe/attack on the player with the 2nd highest threat. Occurs after Black Obtuse.

Phase 2: Color Deletion Protocol

The person called out for color deletion have a circle underneath them that the raid member with the respective color have to run to in order to “protect” them.

Color coordination

Before the start of the fight, everyone will need to pick a color. On a 8m group, you will typically have 2 tanks, 4 DPS and 2 healers. You will want to pair a non DPS color and pick a color. You will end up with something like this

  • 1x DPS and 1x Tank picking color Blue
  • 1x DPS and 1x Heal picking color Orange
  • 1x DPS and 1x Tank picking color Purple
  • 1x DPS and 1x Heal picking color Blue

Once everyone has picked, you will end up with something like this and ready to start the fight!

Phase 1

In phase 1, you will want to keep an eye on the Master Control in the middle, especially on the circle he is standing on top of. When that circle turns into one of the four colors, the healer/tank of that color will need to run to the circle and stand in it. The DPS of the pair will need to run to one of the console activated nearby and channel it. This will unlock two data cores on the outer rims of the room.

The sequence of the circles will be

  1. Blue
  2. Orange
  3. Purple
  4. Yellow

You will want to keep a tank healer/combo near the Master Control as there will be some Recognizer adds come running by to attack the person channeling the console. These adds have very little health and can be killed quickly. Rest of the raid can run to the Data Cores to attack them.

There will be two Data Cores activated per color pair. They tend to be on opposite sides of the room but you run slightly faster inside the room.

When you are down to the last two data cores, you may get a Regulator add instead of the regular Recognizers. He has slightly more health.


On storymode, all the colored circles are given a 70 second window to kill both datacores. This is not the case for hardmode.

  • Blue: 70 seconds
  • Orange: 60 seconds
  • Purple: 55 seconds
  • Yellow: 50 seconds.

The trick to know the time remaining on each colored phase is to have the Master Control as a focus target. This will allow you to see his cast bar.

You have will plenty of time to kill both datacores on blue phase but the subsequent phases might be close. You should aim to kill both datacores within the time limit for Orange phase as well as that will make the encounter slightly easier.

Tip for killing datacores: DPS killing datacores do not need to move back to thecenter after a color phase is over (unless their color is called). Instead, they can stay at the destroyed datacore and datacore that will be unshielded next is either to the left or right. This can shave off a few of those precious seconds.

It is not always bad to fail the time limit and for some phases like purple you may actually fail the timer on purpose to clean up the adds (explained below).

Consequences of not killing datacores within time limit

Not killing the two datacores for a color phase within the time limit will cause the Master Control to repeat that color phase (giving you more time to kill the datacores) but there there are two consequences.

1) Rectifier Spawns (you will get the following message on screen: Failed to Achieve Red Obtuse. Activating Green Bisector). Rectifier has 90k HP and a very nasty conal attack so he should be tanked faced away from other players.

2) Any adds that spawn during that color phase will spawn again (i.e. if you repeat orange phase for example, you will get two more champion Regulators.

If you have to repeat a color phase, you want to do it on the color without the Regulator adds.


  • Blue and Purple phases only spawn Recognizer adds, these have very low HP (15K) and doesn’t do a lot of damage (i.e. mostly harmless).
  • Orange and Yellow phases spawn 2x Regulator adds. These are champion level mobs with 70k HP and cast a spell called End of Line, which is a knockback. For this reason, they should be tanked well away from the central color circle and the person channeling on the console. The second Regulator will spawn about 10 seconds after the first, giving you sometime to DPS down the first.

To help burn down the Regulator adds quicker, we have the tanks within each tank/DPS color pair to channel at the console (the other tank grab both Regulator adds). This allow the DPS in the middle circle to help burn down the first Regulator.

Repeating a color phase

We tend to repeat the purple phase on purpose to give us time to clean up the Regulator adds from the yellow phase. When repeating this phase, we have all the DPS burn down the Rectifier and Regulator adds first before running back to the data cores to finish the purple phase.

The reason we picked purple is because 1) only Recognizer adds spawn 2) 55 seconds is fairly tight and you don’t want to waste your DPS cooldowns and have nothing for the subsequent yellow phase.

Depending on your DPS, you may repeat the Yellow phase (last colored phase of Phase 1). If this happens, make sure you kill the Rectifier and Regulator adds first before killing the datacores to end Phase 1 or otherwise you will bring these adds into Phase 2 with Operator IX.

Colored spheres

During each color phase, two color spheres of the corresponding color will spawn. Each person of the same colored pair will need to grab one and kill it to receive a buff. Players not of that color will need to avoid damage these spheres and accidently killing them (they only have 5K HP).

For example, during the purple color phase, two purple spheres will spawn. The two players with the purple color will need to each grab a sphere and kill it individually to receive a buff called Purple Obtuse. This buff is crucial for phase 2 and not getting that buff may cause you to wipe on that phase.

These color spheres of the previous color do not despawn when you transition into a new color, as long other players don’t accidently kill them.


Phase 2

Phase 2 gets slightly more exciting. Master Control will disappear and Operator IX, a giant droid, will show up. Operator IX will announce periodically, Operator Response timed out, Please Repeat and start casting Black Obtuse, a 8 second channel. While he is channeling, the small circles around him will have colored circles and each person of the pair will need to run to the appropriate colored circle within 8 seconds.

In the event that one player of a specific color pair dies, the remaining player of that color will need to run to both circles during this stage.

Operator IX may have an aggro drop during/after Black Obtuse so tanks will need to taunt right before he finishes the channel.


This is a 19k hit on a random player shortly after Black Obtuse and before Color Deletion Protocol. The cause of this attack is not certain but it was theorized to be some sort of aggro wipe/attack on person with the second highest threat. Disinfection can be rendered mostly harmless by having both tanks fighting for aggro immediately during and after Black Obtuse. This strat seemed to focus most of the Disinfection on tanks.

Color Deletion Protocol

Color Deletion Protocol comes after Operator IX finishes channeling Black Obtuse. One random member of the raid (name will be announced in red text) will be targeted for deletion by a specific color. The person with that color buff will need to run to that person (who also have a corresponding color circle undernearth them). Doing so will protect them from the deletion protocol. You have 5 seconds to do this.

Since there are two players with the buff for each color, make sure you sort out who does the “protect” first as to not waste both buffs. If both players run in to protect, both of their buffs will be used up (see picture below).

Make sure that the player targeted for deletion stand still and those without the corresponding color buff to protect that person move away.

Kephess the Undying



Phase 1: Tank swap

The tank tanking Kephess will get two debuffs on him/her and glow. When this happens, the other tank will need to taunt Kephess so that the glowy tank can run to the big glowy circle on the ground to remove the two debuffs.

Phase 1: Focused Laser Blast

Move Kephess to the pillar his laser beams are attached to. The person being blasted can either run behind the pillar or in front of it (but face Kephess). This will cause Kephess to get knocked down temporarily and take increased damage.

P1: Energy Distortions

They will spawn in the middle of the room and tag on the nearest player. Once tagged, only that player can damage the energy distortion. It is essential that DPS run into the white circles and grab it ASAP.

P1 – P2 transition

Avoid the walls that radiate from Kephess when he lands on the ground (middle of the room)

P2: Dread Bomb

The red circles on a random raid member that indicates where Kephess will jump down is unavoidable and deals aton of damage. Bubble shield + top that player off.

P2: Radioactive Barrage

Person being targeted by this barrage should move away from the raid and leave the barrage trail in an empty area. The farthest person in the raid seems to be most likely targeted by this barrage.

Phase 2: Red & blue circles

Kephess will leap from ground, creating a pulsating and expanding blue circle to jump down on a random player marked by a red circle. Avoid both circles.

Phase 2: Corrupted Nanites

Run to one of the pilars and start the channel to get it removed. Destroying the pillar (finishing the channel) when Kephess is near will cause him to get knocked down for increased damage. Corrupted Nanites does not go away and will keep increasing in stacks (deals over 7k dmg/tick at 4 stacks). It is essential you use the pillars properly to clear Nanites and knock Kephess down to help meet enrage

P3: Fury of the Masters &Volatile Emission

Kephess is a lot more unforgiving on P3, it is recommended that you do the last pillar at 11% so you can knock Kephess down and shave a couple % off Kephess to help survive this phase.

Phase 1

Tank swap

One of the tanks tanking Kephess will receive two debuffs and start to glow. When this happens, the other tank need to taunt Kephess so that the tank with the debuff can run to the glowing pool in the center of the room to cleanse himself (other players should avoid the pool).

Laser Blast

Kephess will have a laser beam attached to him periodically throughout the fight. The tanks need to locate the pillar it is attached to and move Kephess to that pillar.

Soon after, you will get a red text message on the screen: Kephess Charges a Focused Laser Blast at Player X!

This is the cue for that player to either run behind the pillar or in front of it to squeeze out some additional DPS (but they must be  facing Kephess). Kephes will channel a 9 second Laser Blast, and the player will take damage (need heals) even if they are behind the pillar.

At the end of the 9 second cast, Kephess will be knocked to the ground for a few second and you can do increased damage to him while he is in that state.


Due to the strict enrage timer on Kephess, it is recommended that you do not miss a single pillar in phase 1. You do not have to stand next to the pillar, as long you are under the electric line/beam connecting Kephess to that pillar it will work.

Also, make sure that the person being targeted by Laser Blast runs to their position ASAP so that Kephess gets 4 stacks of the damage increase debuff for maximize DPS.

Kephess’s Laser Blast deals quite a lot of damage in hardmode so it is essential that the targeted person gets topped off and receive dedicated healing from a healer. Sorcs/sages can also bubble shield them to lower the incoming damage.


Energy Distortions

Energy Distortions are two orbs that spawn in the middle of the room. They each have 10k HP and will attach onto the nearest person. After they spawn, they have a white circle underneath them for a couple of seconds. Those who run into the white circle will get the energy distortions attached onto them. If no one runs into the white circle, they will pick the person closest to them and place the white circle underneath them.

Each energy distortion have about 10k HP but they cannot be damaged by other players once they are attached onto someone. For that reason, it is recommended that DPS pick them up ASAP and kill them. Having them attached to tanks isn’t too bad as Kephess’s ability that cause tanks to glow will kill these energy distortions. Having these attached onto healers is generally bad as they will need to stop healing in order to kill them.

These energy distortions will do a pulsating AoE damage that increases in damage overtime. Failure to kill them in a timely manner will cause the raid to take large amount of damage.

You pretty much repeat this until Kephess is ~ 50%, which triggers phase 2.

Phase 1 to Phase 2 transition

There will be a big red circle in the middle of the room  to which Kephess make will a landing from the air. The landing will cause walls to radiate out from him but the walls move so slow that they are easy to avoid.


Phase 2

 Phase 2 gets a bit more chaotic.

Dread Bomb

Unlike storymode, the pulsating blue circle that marks where Kephess took off no longer exists. Instead, the red circle that Kephess places on a random raid member to indicate the position he will land is no longer avoidable. It deals ~19k damage to the targeted player. If the person is not topped off, they will most likely get one shot. Sorcs/sages should also place their bubble shield onto that person to mitigate some of the damage.

Needless to say, the person with the red circle should move away from the rest of the raid so they don’t take any unnecessary raid damage. 

When Kephess jumps to a player with the red circle, he may perform an AoE attack calledEarthquake while being taunted back to the tank. This attack deals low raidwide damage (~ 600 damage).


Radioactive Barrage

Radioactive Barrage is essentially a lava trail that follows the targeted person (you will see a red text on screen). Whoever being targeted need to run away from the raid and basically do a circular lap on an empty area before returning to the raid. This will drop the lava trail well away from the raid.

Kephess seems to have a preference for targeting the furthest person in the raid for radioactive barrage.


Corrupted Nanites

Corrupted Nanites is a 30 second DoT casted on a random player that deals 1143 damage every 3 seconds (11k damage over 30 seconds). You will see a red text on screen: Corrupted Nanites on YOU! as well as a circle icon above your head.

You can run to one of the clickable pillars and click it to channel a skill called Hypergate Tower to remove the Corrupted Nanites. Corrupted Nanites is removed as soon you start the channel (you can cancel the channel right away). The channel itself is a 6 seconds channel and the pillar will be destroyed if everyone on it either finish or cancel the channel. If Kephess near the pillar when it is destroyed, Kephess will be knocked down temporarily again, allowing you to do increased damage to him for a couple seconds.


You phase 2 you will get 4 pillars to work with. The pillars, like in storymode, have a dual function. You use it to both cleanse Corrupted Nanites off players and breaking the pillars to knock Kephess down for increased damage. You cannot miss a single pillar here as doing so will most likely cause trouble with enrage.

You will need to break the pillars when Kephess is next to it to knock Kephess down. Breaking the pillars when Kephess jumps away will basically “waste” that pillar.

Corrupted Nanites on hardmode do not fall off and will keep increasing in stacks (at 4 stacks it deals over 7k damage a tick) until it is cleansed with a pillar. Therefore, you have to manage pillars so you have one left for the P2-P3 transition but do not wait too long between pillars such that players die from Nanites damage.

Click on the pillar will immediately cleanse you of Nanites but the pillar does not break until everyone on it either cancel the channel or let the channel finish. On hardmode this channel is 6 seconds but might be shorter if you have alacrity (for me it is 5.6 seconds).

The way we manage our pillars (on 8m) is as follows

  • Once two players get the corrupted Nanites debuff, we click on the first pillar and break it immediately if Kephess is nearby (we don’t wait for the 3rd person as it takes too long and the first person may get too many stacks of Corrupted Nanites and die from it).
  • For the next two pillars, we wait until 3 players get the Corrupted Nanites debuff. All three players stack on the pillar and as soon Kephess returns from his jump, everyone clicks, count to 2, and cancel the cast to break the pillar.
  • For the last pillar, we use it when Kephess is at 11-12% so we can break it and push Kephess into Phase 3. Pop all DPS cooldowns here.


Phase 3

Phase 3 is basically a burn phase but Kephess also have two nasty abilities. We bubble shield all raid members before going into P3 and everyone pop medpacks etc to help survival. If you use the last pillar at 11-12%, you should get Kephess ~7% before he gets up and start phase 3.

One really easy trick for P3 is to have everyone but the tanks stack up on Kephess. Tanks will need to run around and dodge the circles but everyone else can just go full DPS on the boss.

Fury of the Masters

Deals 1.6k damage every second until Kephess is dead. Soft enrage mechanic.

Volatile Emissions

Circles on the ground that will target raid members and deals 5k damage to them if they don’t move out of it immediately.


The Terror from Beyond




Tunneling Tentacles

They have a frontal attack and should be tanked away from the raid. We generally divide into two self sufficient groups and kill both tentacles at the same time as that deals more damage to the boss. You can have the two healers stand in the back to eat the acid spit while avoiding the slam from the boss. Rest of the raid are split into two groups and stacked onto the tentacles.

Unstable Larva

One spawn at each side and head straight for the tank to explode unless DPS kill it first.


Occurs between Tunneling Tentacles, avoid the Birthed Larva.


Deals ~8k damage and push you back, can be avoided by positioning smartly.

Hypergate Beacon

These Beacons will spawn in between the two Tunneling Tentacles and latch onto a random member (usually non-tanks). Generally they will pull a raid member onto them a couple times before killing them. These Beacons need to be killed ASAP. They tend to spawn when the tunneling tentacles are ~60%.

Swirling Orbs

These orbs can spawn either in the middle of the two tentacles or near one. Whoever grabs them will deal damage to themselves but also deals damage to the tentacle. Using them is optional and you can successfully complete phase 1 by ignoring them.

Unstable Larve

Due to the high health of the tunneling tentacles, you can expect two waves of Unstable Larve to spawn

Phase 1 is the boring phase of the two but easy to master.

Tunnelling Tentacles

You cannot damage the boss at this point but the damage you do to the tentacles will be transferred to the boss. For this reason, it is better to divided the raid into two groups and kill both tentacles individually. While this will take longer than having all the DPS killing one tentacle, it will deal more damage to the boss, resulting a bit shorter phase 1.

One tentacle will spawn on each side, but they seem to alternate in the position where they spawn. There are two possible positions: inside or outside.

On the inside position, the two tentacles are closer together and it is safe for healers and melee DPS to stand behind the tentacle while the tank grabs it on the other side. This allow healer and DPS to avoid most of the acid spit and the slam attack.

On the outside position, the two tentacles are further apart and it is safer for healers and DPS to stand diagonally from the tank, facing the boss. This will avoid most of the spit and slam attacks.

In terms of the Acid Spit, players close to the tentacle receive a buff that decrease their chance of getting the spit. You will assign one player (ranged DPS or healer) on each side with good situational awareness that stands in the back (away from the tentacles) to eat the spit and avoid the slam.

Unstable Larva

When the Tunneling Tentacle reaches 50%, two Unstable Larva will spawn on either side, beaming for the tank. Ideally, you will want the ranged DPS to kill them before they get to the tank and explode for massive amounts of damage.


Once the Tunneling Tentacle is dead, the boss will channel Birthing, a 3 second cast. At the end of the cast, a bunch of Birthed Larva will spawn from the boss and headed straight for the shore. Your job here is simple: simply find a gap in the incoming Birthed Larva line and stand there, allowing the Birthed Larva to pass.  If you maintain a good distance away from them, they won’t bother you.

You will repeat the Tunneling Tentacle, Volatile Larva, and Birthing cycle until you get the boss down to ~44% (961 K). Your entire group will be then teleported to phase 2!

Phase 2



Range is not an issue

Don’t trust your operation window here! Even if someone is out of range in the ops window, they can be healed! Ranged DPS can also damage the boss from any platform. Range doesn’t apply here!

Platform Positioning.

Tanks will need their own platforms at the top as the boss spit acid at them (occupies an entire platform). This frees up the lower platforms for DPS to travel to hit the Tentacles (you do need to be in range to hit them).

Tank swap

The boss will need to be tanked here while the DPS kill the tentacles. He will spit at a tank, forcing him/her to switch platforms and then follow it with a Scream (channeled cast). During the channel, the other tank will need to immediately taunt and grab aggro as the tank that got screamed at will now take increased damage from the boss. Tanks will need to clear this debuff by running to the Home platform. Alternatively the tank can also drop off the back of platform 9/15 or 11/13 depending on what phase they are on.

Grasping Tentacle

These spawn in the lower platforms around the boss and will need to be killed. When these tentacles channel Slam, everyone need to get out of that platform and get back in right after.

Hypergate Anomaly

These spawn on the upper platforms when the tentacles are at 70% and 25%. You will need to assign DPS who will hunt down these anomalies.

Hypergate Irregularity

These spawn in a bunch of platforms after you have killed two Grasping Tentacles. They do an AoE pulsating damage so kill them ASAP (spread out after killing the tentacles).

Furious Tantrum

Occurs at 16%~, you will see a red text emote and the boss will aggro players randomly, damaging them for 11k using an attack called Phasic Spittle. Tanks will need to keep taunting the boss back to them.

Range and Positioning

TFB Phase 2 Positions

Range isn’t an issue for healing and attacking the boss. Even if your operation window tell you someone is out of range, you can still target them and heal them.

The first thing your entire raid team need to be clear on is the platform assignment for phase 2.

Tentacles: First pair of Tentacles will be on platforms 11 & 13, second pair, 9 &15, and third pair back to 11 & 13

Tanking: One tank at each side, one tanking from platform 10, the other from platform 14. Tank will need to move to another platform for spit/acid and then move back to eat scream.

Spit Platforms: Tanks will take the spit on platform 9& 15 (and then move to 10, 14 to eat the scream) when tentacles are at platform 11 and 13. Tanks will take the spit on platforms 11 & 13 (and then move to 12 to eat the scream) when tentacles are at platforms 9 & 15. Basically, tanks take the spit on the empty tentacle platforms.

Anomaly: Anomalies will spawn on all the red platforms (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ) – random outer platforms.

Hypergate Irregularity: Has a chance to spawn on all platforms except tentacle platforms.

Healers: Healers can sit on platforms, 3, 4, 5, or 6. 4 & 5 seems to have less issues with LOS with regards to tank healing and are preferred platfroms.

Quick way to get back to Home: This may or may not work for you but jumping off any platforms may have a chance to bring you right back to the Home platform or it may simply bring you to a nearby platform.


Proper positioning is crucial here. Generally we have the healers and tanks up top. This allow healers to keep an eye on everything while tanks can leave spit on a platform without hindering the traveling of DPS down below killing the tentacles. You will want a healer and tank pair go left while the other healer and tank pair go right. Tanks will want to grab their own platforms to handle the spit from the boss.

Tank Swap

Terror from Beyond will spit at a tank, forcing that tank to change platforms and then immediately channel a spell called Scream (4 second cast).

At the end of the channel, that tank will receive a debuff that causes them to take increased damage from the boss. The other tank will need to taunt immediately during the channel.

Grasping Tentacles

These tentacles are the things DPS need to kill to damage the boss.Two tentacles will spawn in the following two platforms first. All the DPS should focus burn one tentacle first (move away when the tentacle casts Slam) before moving to the other. DPS must be on the same platform as the tentacle to do damage.

The other location the tentacles will spawn are the two platforms in the back once they are killed in the two front platforms.

Hypergate Irregularity

Once a pair of tentacles are down, all platforms except for the four tentacle platforms have a chance to spawn Hypergate Irregularities. During this period, the boss will channel Hypergate Irregularity for 30s and will not attack.

You have 17 (16 platforms + Home platform) – 4 tentacle platforms = 13 platforms to cover. On 8m you will need to assign healers and tanks to a platform and assign DPS to 2-3 platforms.

Furious Tantrum

Furious Tantrum starts once you have 3 pairs of tentacles down. During this phase, everyone need their own platform as the boss attack damages an entire platform. He will casts Phasic Spittle (hits for 16k) on a random raid member and then switches to someone else. He needs to be taunted by the tanks back and forth (make sure the other tank take a bit of damage before you taunt it back) as he aggro wipes frequently.

While the tanks are juggling the boss’s threat back and forth, all DPS need to pop their adrenals, buffs, etc and max burn. Remember, the boss dies at 3%!