Scum and Villainy

Victory against the Terror from Beyond at Asation has now led you to Darvannis, where legions of villainous scum are guarding a horrible secret.  You must cut through their defenses to take down the toughest foe you have ever faced...  The first of the Dread Masters; Styrak.

Boss List:

Notable Trash Mobs:

  • Mercenary groups with Pirate Stimfiend and MedTech droid
    • You will encounter these guys right after Dash’roode. Pirate Stimfiend will buff all the mobs around him, increasing their damage output. Med-Tech droids on the other hand, will continously heal other mobs until killed. Priority is to kill the Med-The Droids and then Pirate Stimfiends ASAP.
  • Dustclaw Alpha
    • Dustclaw Alpha have an ability called Commanding Shriek that needs to be interrupted.
  • Arms Trader
    • These guys have two attacks. First is Free Sample which is a mortar volley like attack that deals AoE damage to a small area marked by a yellow circle. If you take too long to kill Arms Trader or he gets low in health, he will use an ability called Final Offer that deals a ton of single target damage. Most of them are interruptible.
  • Accomplished Arms Trader
    • This is a mini boss that can be found right before the lifts that take you to Oasis city. He is similar to other Arms traders except he cannot be interrupted. Drops 2x Exotic Element Equalizer (Grade 10 Exotic Crafting Material and 2 Elite Commendations when killed)
    • There is a second one inside Oasis city (Operations Chief)

There is a third one after Olok the Shadow


Mechanics Strategy

Howling Sandstorm: (Environment) This is a debuff placed on you if you are outside the shield generator or do not have protection from the personal shield generator. The longer you get exposed to it, the more stacks of this debuff you get and the harder you will get hit when you are outside the shields. 

Shield Generator:  This shield generator, when activated, will protect your raid from effects of Howling Sandstorm. This shield generator only last for a minute and then will run out of power. When this happens, one person must pick up the shield generator and carry it it to the next station. There are limited amounts of stations available. 

“Lost” / Womp Rats:  When moving shields between stations, two (on 8m) raid members will get ported to a random place and have womp rats spawned on them. These players will need to run back to the raid ASAP, carrying womp rats with them. Use defensive cooldowns here if you have them or your Personal Environmental Shield. 

Groundshatter (Knock back) AoE:  knockback that will most likely knock you outside the shields. Run back immediately. 

Gutwrenching Kick (frontal):  This is sort of a frontal/cleave mechanic. Those standing in front of him will get hit with a kick for a lot of damage (~10k on storymode) and launched far in the air. 

Knock up + Stun:  This is a tank swap mechanic. Dash-roode will knock the tank with threat in the air and stun them. The second tank will need to grab the boss here. 


The first thing you will notice on hardmode is that the Howling Sandstorm has a high chance to knock you down to the ground if you are on a speeder running to the boss. Rocket Boots works great here as an alternative. Generally you will get 2-3 stacks of the environmental debuff while getting to the boss. Do not waste your Personal Environmental Shield here since it has a long cooldown and you will need it when you get “lost”.

  • Positioning
    • In storymode, if you get knocked back or cleaved, it isn’t too much of a deal. However, on hardmode this can have serious repercussions due to the DPS lost from running back and the damage taken from the cleave (~15k on hardmode). For this reason, healers and ranged DPS should position themselves against the big rock you can find near every power generator.
    • Melee DPS should always be in the back of the mob and never stand in front of Dash’roode. His Gutwrenching Kick frontal hurt and will knock you far away, resulting in DPS loss. Tanks can put their back against the shield generator and be quick to taunt Dash’roode and reposition him if one of the tanks get knocked in the air.
  • Voracious Xuvva
    • At every shield generator, you can expect three waves of 2 Voracious Xuvvas attacking the shield generator. These guys have 40k HP each and should be killed quickly. Failure to eliminate them in a speedy fashion will allow them to destroy the shield generator. Once the generator is gone, it is pretty much a game over.
    • You get a red text on your screen when they arrive for the first time at the first generator. For other generators, they arrive as soon you plant the portable shield into the shield generator. For this reason, we don’t plant the portable generator until there is ~15 seconds left on the timer (Dash’roode does a pushback at 10-12 seconds so you want to place the generator before that). This give us more time to DPS on the boss.
  • Gnawing Bite
    • Getting “lost” in hardmode is a lot less forgiving. The womp rats that spawn on top of you apply a Gnawing Bite debuff attack that will slow you down considerably and cannot be cleansed. Make sure you save your personal Environmental Shield for this as otherwise you may not make it back to the raid. If you do not have any sort of speed boost or escape mechanism, you may need to kill the womp rats before running back.

GENERAL NOTE: We typically have our offtank carry the portable shield when traveling between shield generators. However, if someone in your raid have issues in getting back to the raid, you may consider having them grabbing the shield generator instead as they tend to not get “lost” when they are carrying the shield.

Titan 6

Mechanics Strategy

  • Lots of Missiles (Defense Sequence Two)
    • Raidwide AoE damage that is unavoidable. Spread out to lessen the damage
    • Air Strike Easily avoidable red circles on the ground. Spawns Titan Probe adds after.
  • Launch (Defense Sequence Three)
    • Titan flies up in the air and the leaves behind a rocket blast at end of channel that will hit anyone not hiding behind rocks for 21k damage. Spawns Titan Probe adds when he lands.
  • Missile Burst & Flame Burst (<20%) Soft Enrage mechanic.
    • Missile Burst is unavoidable raidwide damage while Flame Burst is proximity based AoE damage all around the boss. Burn the boss before your healers run out of heals
    • Titan Probes Adds with 20k HPs. 2-3 spawn after every Airstrike while 6 spawn after every Launch. They do a Targeted Laser attack that deals minimal damage.



Additional Mechanics Strategy

  • Huge Grenade
    • Occurs after Airstrike and before the second Lots of Missiles. This attack is aimed at the tank w/ threat and requires tank swap. Make sure tank being targeted is topped off and run away from the raid.
  • One person per rock during Launch Only
    • One person allowed to hide behind each rock. Make sure to head for the rocks during second Lots of Missiles
  • Probe adds
    • It helps to group the adds on the boss when they spawn so DPS can use AoE attacks to both damage the boss and kill the adds at the same time.
  • Grapple (soft enrage)
    • Titan 6 will periodically grapple ranged players into the fire circle during the soft enrage. This will cause players being grappled to take Flame Burst damage in addition to Missile Burst.

 Always spread out for Lots of Missiles. It deals about 2.6k damage every second for 6 seconds (~16k damage in total). Running around during this phase to lessen the damage isn’t ideal as you risk running into other players and compounding the damage.

Phase 2 (20%)

Remember that there are gaps in the flame circle that melee DPS can stand to not take damage from Flame Burst (~5k). Everyone will be taking AoE damage from Missile Burst and should be spread out to minimize damage. Titan 6 will grapple ranged players into the fire circle periodically and cause them to take Flame Burst damage. Make sure to run out quickly when this happens to lessen the damage.

This is a strictly a burn phase so any adrenals or DPS cooldowns should be saved for this phase. 


Mechanics Strategy

  • Snipers
    • Three snipers will appear on the ledge of the arena whenever Bo Zarran says – “You’ll like this trick. Been working on it a while. You must kill these snipers ASAP, before these guys build a turret. If that turret is allowed to build, it will snipe players for 20k damage in rapid succession, wiping your raid.
  • Firebug
    • The person targeted by Mercenary Firebug must move to the side of the arena, away from the raid. The Firebug will drop a flame turret on that person, engulfing the area in flames.
  • Knockback/Cleave
    • Tanks should face Trasher against a wall, but not against a gate! Sometimes Thrasher’s knockback can bug out, pushing the tank inside the gate and causing Thrasher to reset!
  • Stomp
    • Conal AoE that hits for around 3k damage. Do not stand in front of Thrasher.
  • Bo Zarran
    • You don’t fight him right away but he is nothing other than a named trash mob with a bunch of HP.


 Additional Mechanics Strategy

  • Mercenary Demolitionist
    • In addition to the three snipers on the wall, a Demolitionist will also spawn and do a lot of AoE attacks on the raid. He should be killed first as he does not have a protective shield like the snipers and can be damaged right away.
  • Shield (Snipers)
    • Snipers are protected by a shield and take very little damage until their shields are removed by Thrasher’s Roar. .
  • Roar
    • Thrasher will do a channeled Roar ability shortly after the snipers spawn. This is a channeled AoE attack that deals around 1-2k damage per tick and knocks the shield from the snipers.
  • Knock up
    • Shortly before Thrasher does his Roar ability, he will punt people in front of him into the air. This is a good opportunity for the tank & melee DPS to get punted to the wall where the snipers are.
  • Stomp
    • Since Thrasher has to be moved frequently to counter the Sniper shields, there is a high risk for the raid to take massive amount of damage from this frontal conal attack.
  • DPS check
    • If you do not kill the first group of snipers before the next group of snipers spawn, they will immediately build a turret and wipe out your raid.



The first thing to note is that in addition to the three snipers, there is also a Demolitionist on the side that does a lot of AoE attacks on the raid. Melee DPS cannot leap to the snipers right away due to their shield but they can do so to the Demolitionist. In addition, this guy does not have a protective shield and can’t be damaged right away so he should always be killed first.


Snipers and Roar


All snipers have a shield that blocks most of the incoming damage when they spawn. This shield can be only removed by Thrasher’s Roar, which is a channeled AoE attack that deals 1-2k damage per tick. Tanks need to move Thrasher near the Snipers so his Roar affects their shields. Shields go down as soon as Thrasher starts his channel so you don’t need to wait for the channel to finish killing the snipers. If you are having trouble getting the sniper’s shield off w/ Roar, you may consider leaving a tank and melee DPS up there for full time sniper duty.

Prior to Roar, Thrasher will also punt whoever in front of him up in the air so tanks should use this opportunity to get knocked into the snipers and taunt them. It is therefore very important to move Thrasher to the wall underneath the snipers as soon as they spawn. Have Thrasher face the snipers so the tank gets punted up to them and have the offtake immediately taunt and face Thrasher sideways after the Roar so that healers can get in healing range of the tank and melee DPS up on the wall without getting damaged from his frontal Stomp.

Failure to kill the snipers before the second group of snipers spawn will result in a wipe as the snipers will construct a turret that basically one shot everyone in the raid.

Operations Chief

Mechanics Strategy

  • Infiltration
    • Raid must be divided into four groups, each with 2 players (i.e. Tank/dps or healer/dps pairs). Each team must make to their designated location and kill the two NPCs there concurrently. You have to 10 minutes to get to do this and the timer stops when you engage Operations Chief
  • Terminate (Operations Chief)
    • Single target attack that deals massive damage. One shot anyone not a tank. Use defensive cooldowns if you are low on health to survive through it
  • Mass Explosive Probe
    • Raidwide damage.
  • Rail Turrets
    • Four adds that spawn in the room with low HP.


Each location has a unique combination of mobs

  • Red Flametech and Assault Gunner
    • At Red, Tank + DPS will work.
  • Green Duelist and Pyroguard
    • At Green, you can have a range dps attack the pair of mobs below the stairs, this prevent you getting aggro from the patrolling battledroid on the stairs.
    • If you are using melee DPS, then have them move to the right side of the platform once you have engaged the pair to avoid the patrol. Healer + DPS recommended.
  • Gold Medtech and Pygoguard
    • At Gold, the Medtech heal a lot so healer + DPS w/ quick interrupts recommended.
  • Blue 2x Hunter
    • At Blue, move behind the adds as soon as they start casting Shockwave Strike and you can avoid large amount of damage. Tank + DPS w/ off heals recommended.


 Additional Mechanics Strategy

In hardmode, you have 6 minutes to get to the Operations Chief. The Mass Explosive Probe that Operations Chief deals around 10k damage and the various groups especially Blue deals a lot more damage but there are no other noticeable changes from storymode.

Olok the Shadow

Mechanics Strategy

Phase 1:  Planning phase to eliminate droids below in an optimal manner. 

Phase 2:  Execution phase. You get exactly 1 minute per row before the force shield from the next row opens and they join the fight. 

Phase 3:  Olok pops out and you will have to fight him and his two adds that he spawns every time he goes into stealth. Burn down the Arms Trader ASAP and save the Shady Customer for when Olok disappears. 


Artillery Droid 250k          Assault Droid 250k

Frontline Droid 168k       Recon Droid 168k 

Shady Customer 56k       Underworld Arms Trader 56k

Olok the Shadow 1.27 mil

  • You don’t want to have more than 2 of the Artillery/Assault droids in a row or you might have a hard time killing them before the next row becomes active. (PICK ALL BLUES)
  • Artillery droids can be kited by one of the tanks. They are like the first boss in Lost Island. They will place an electric circle on the ground that your tank can avoid.
  • Recon droids have a laser attack but they are fairly easy to deal with it compared to other droids.

Phase 3:

  • One tank should stick to Olok at all times and all DPS should focus on Olok as much as possible as he spawns more adds the longer the fight takes.
  • Olok will disappear for a few seconds and then spawn two adds.
    • One of them is Shady Customer which have only 56k HP.
    • The other is an Underworld Arms Trader with 56k HP. Olok drops threat when he disappears so the tank should taunt him when he appears again.
  • Underworld Arms Trader should be killed first as the Shady Customer doesn’t do a lot of damage. You can finish off the Shady Customer when Olok stealth’s. Both adds can be cc’d. You don’t want to take too long to kill Olok as he will spawn more and more adds the longer the fight takes. Eventually, you won’t be able to keep up with the adds and have them wipe out your raid.

Underworld Arms Trader is quite nasty. He has the same two attacks you encounter earlier while fighting through the trash.

  • Free Sample – AoE Mortar Attack
  • Final Offer – if you take too long to kill them, they do this single target attack for a lot of damage and knock the target on the ground.

HM NOTES Additional Mechanics Strategy

  • Packaged Deal

Each Assault or Frontline droid applies the stacking debuff Packaged Deal to the raid. If you get more than 1 stack of this debuff, the raid will likely wipe.

Cartel Warlords

Mechanics Strategy

Suggested kill order:  Vilus Garr <–> Captain Horic –> Tu’chuk <–> Sunder (SM)

Taunt Immunity:  Both Vilus Garr and Captain Horic have taunt immunity and cannot be taunted. 

Battle Companions:   If one of the Warlord dies and any of the remaining ones are significantly injured, they will get heal for quite a bit. Basically, focus your DPS and kill them one at a time. 

Spray and Pray (Captain Horic):  Conal attack directed at one person in the raid. Raid should be positioned in an arc in front of Horic so that the conal attack doesn’t hurt the whole raid. 

Fixate (Sunder):   Sunder will fixate on the closest person to him and walk towards their direction. A tank should be the closest player to Sunder at all times to keep aggro. If he fixates on someone else, tank can still taunt him back. 

Immobilize and Knockback (Tu’Chuk):   Tu’Chuk will utilize this once both Vilus or Horic are killed. Tanks do not want to put their backs to a wall as they will get knocked back into it and receive significant damage from a debuff called Near Wall. 

Cartel Lieutenant (x3):  These adds spawn once all the warlords but one are killed. They cannot be taunted.

The End (Sunder):  An ability Sunder uses if he is the only Warlord left. It is a 5 second cast and at the end of the cast he deals massive damage to the target with threat. Use defensive cooldowns to survive it. 

Damage Increase (Tu’Chuk):  If Tu’Chuk is the last of the warlords left alive, he will gain a stacking buff that increases his damage output and the fight becomes a burn phase. 


Phase 1 – Vilus Garr & Captain Horic

  • Vilus Garr isn’t too much of a threat.
    • He has an Explosive Surge ability that deals around 3.7k damage and pops in/out of stealth constantly.
  • Captain Horic is much of an issue due to his Spray and Pray ability that deals 3.4k every second for 5 seconds if you don’t move out of his conal.


All DPS and healers should form an arc around Captain Horic so that if someone get targeted by Spray and Pray they can move and not get the rest of the raid sprayed (the conal stays fixed in a direction once the channel starts so you can move out of it), You will know who receives the conal as there will be a red text message on the screen.

If Captain Horic is killed first, Vilus Garr will gain the ability to grapple players to him before throwing down the Explosive Surge.


Phase 2 – Tu’Chuk & Sunder

  • Once Vilus and Horic are dead, phase 2 starts.
    • Tu’Chuk’s tank will need to be careful to not have their back near a wall as the walls actually put a debuff on you called Near Wall that basically stun and hurt you if you get knocked into it by Tu’Chuk.
  • Meanwhile, the Sunder tank can keep kiting Sunder around and get ready for phase 3, which begins once either Tu’Chuk or Sunder is killed.

Phase 3 – Remaining Warlord  & Cartel Lieutenants

  • Once Tu’Chuk or Sunder is killed, three champion Cartel Lieutenants will spawn and they cannot be taunted.
    • The remaining Warlord will gain additional new abilities.
  • Sunder, if left alive, will now cast a 5 second ability called The End. This attack deals massive single target damage to the target with threat (i.e. the tank) but they can survive through it if they have a defensive cooldowns.


HM NOTES Additional Mechanics Strategy

Suggested kill order:   Captain Horic –> Vilus Garr –> Sunder –> Tu’chuk

  • Captain Horic/Vilus Garr
    • Captain Horic’s Spray and Pray is quite deadly in hardmode and can quickly kill someone if they don’t move out of it fast enough.
      • If Horic is killed first , Vilus Garr gain the ability to grapple other players to him to deploy the AoE Explosive Surge (hits 6.6k on hardmode) but it can be easily healed through.
      • Whoever you kill first will depend on your raid group but I personally had an easier time killing Horic first as Vilus Garr was not hard to heal through.
    • Horic may also have an AoE DoT (looks like Corrosive Grenade – green icon) that should be cleansed.


  • Sunder/Tu’Chuk
    • If your raid have enough DPS, Sunder should definitely be killed first.
    • With just Tu’Chuk remaining, the fight becomes a DPS burn and you can pretty much ignore the Cartel Lieutenant adds that spawn (they don’t do a whole lot of damage).
    • Tu’Chuk’s damage isn’t much of an issue until he gains 10 stacks.
      • From 10 stacks on, he will likely 2-3 shot a tank so defensive cooldowns should be used.


Lacking DPS, Tu’Chuk can be killed first but you will need to deal with the Cartel Lieutenants and Sunder’s The End ability which is a bit harder to manage but doable if you have shadow/assassin tanks with shorter defensive CD cooldowns

Dread Master Styrak

Mechanics Strategy

P1: Dread Guard Officer & Dread Guard

These guys come one pack at a time. Each pack composed of Dread Guard Officer + 4 Dread Guards. The officer will heal so make sure to interrupt him or kill him first. Once a pack is killed, the next pack will activate and attack right away. 

P2: Kell

Dragon Dragon is mostly a tank n spank except he has an acid attack on the tank that you need to move away from group. He also has an attack called Spines that deals AoE damage but can be blocked by having raid standing behind the tank (Heal through on SM). Additionally, he has a high damage AoE attack called Leap Slam that is fairly infrequent.

P3: Nightmare Manifestation

 One random raid member is placed into a room and have to fight their companion who has 24k HP

P3: Force Pull

This is a huge push directed at tanks that will knock them into the exhaustion zone and act as a possible tank swap mechanic. 

P3: Chained Manifestation

Styrak disappears and spawns a giant apparition of himself chain to four smaller apparitions. You must kill the big one before the four smaller ones close in with their beams.

P3: Lighting

 Manifestation Usually follows Chained Manifestation. Styrak will disappear and spawn four smaller apparitions you will need to kill. 

P3: Force Lighting & Thundering

Blast Both are attacks directed at random raid members that will damage them and anyone nearby. Thundering Blast deals a large amount of single target damage in one hit while Force Lighting is channeled. 

P4: Kell Dragon

Kell Dragon appears again but this time takes much more damage. Deals around 1k damage every 2 seconds via an AoE attack caleld Power of the Master.

P4: Saber Throw/Force Charge

 As Styrak is about to die, he will throw his sabers at a random raid member and knock them back into exhaustion zone. The knockback deals 10k damage. 



Phase 1 – Dread Guards

  • In phase 1, you raid will be pitted against a huge group of Dread Guards. There is no need to worry though as huge group actually pulls separately into smaller groups of 1 Dread Guard Officer (elite) and 4 Dread Guards (strong). Just pull one group and the other groups will come automatically when the previous group is killed.

Phase 2 – Kell Dragon

  • In Phase 2, you will be pitted against the Kell Dragon pet of Dread Master Styrak.
    • Do not attack Dread Master Styrak while in this phase or he will one shot you.
    • Do not wander near the throne area either as there is an invisible line that will kill you if you cross it.

The Kell Dragon has a few abilities you need to be aware:

  • Acid Spit directed at the tank – tank will need to move to a different location when this occurs. Raid need to make sure to not step on this acid.
  • Spines – a channeled 15 seconds whirling attack that deals AoE damage but you can have tank act as a shield to soak the damage by having everyone standing behind the tank. The damage is fairly low in storymode so it might not be necessary.
  • Leap Slam – hard hitting AoE attack (hits for 7.k) but doesn’t occur frequent enough to be much of a concern.

When the Kell dragon gets low, an apparition of Dread Master Styrak will spawn and channel a stun on the tank currently tanking Kell Dragon. You will need to do a tank swap here and kill the apparition.

  • When the Kell Dragon is about to die, bubble your raid for the Force Storm that Styrak will cast during the transition between Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Phase 3 – Dread Master Styrak

Dread Master Styrak will announce his arrival by Mass Force Storm. This is a 7 second AoE attack that deals 1k damage per second. The damage is fairly small but the raid should still stack up to heal.

  • Styrak has quite a few abilities at his arsenal. (Doesn’t seem to be a sequence in which he use these abilities.)
  • Force Pull – Huge push back on the tank, designed to knock the tank into an Exhaustion Zone. Tank swap here may be good.
  • Nightmare Manifestation – One random raid member will get teleported to a small room and be forced to fight one of their companions, who has 24k HP. If you don’t kill your companion fast enough, you may get hit for 20k damage.
  • Chained Manifestation – Styrak will disappear and spawn a huge apparition of himself linked to four smaller apparitions. You must kill this middle big apparition before the four smaller apparitions enclose on your raid. Their beams will instantly one shot players.
  • Lighting Manifestation – This usually follows Chained Manifestation in which Styrak will spawn four smaller apparitions that you will need to burn down quick. There are no beams here but these apparitions will do Force Lighting on your raid until they are killed. They will attack whoever it is closest to them. Make sure the targeted person doesn’t die or they will leap to and one shot other players.
  • Force Lighting and Thundering Blast: Both attacks are directed at random raid members and damage those around them. Force Lighting is a channeled attack that deals around 3k damage per second for 5 seconds while Thundering Blast is a huge attack that deals ~8k. Spread out for this part if you are having trouble healing through. Otherwise, you can stack for AoE heals.

Phase 4 – Revive Kell Dragon & Dread Master Styrak

When you get Styrak down to 10%, he will revive the Kell Dragon you just killed and become immune to damage.

  • This Kell Dragon dies a lot quicker than before (takes increased damage) but does a constant AoE called Power of the Master that deals around 1k damage every 2 seconds.
    • You shouldn’t have much trouble dispatching the Kell Dragon quickly.


After you killed Kell Dragon, Styrak will come back with some new abilities. He will use his Saber Throw and Force Charge (huge knockback) on random raid members. These are all high damage instant attacks (Saber Throw deals ~6k damage while Force Charge deaks ~10K) designed as a soft enrage mechanic.



HM NOTES Additional Mechanics Strategy

DPS check /Tight enrage

The enrage on this boss is going to be super tight for groups fighting him for the first time. It therefore recommended that healers help DPS as much as they can and prioritize DPS on the boss as much as possible in earlier phases. 

P2: Kell Dragon

Spines attack deals a lot more damage so you will need a tank to stand between the dragon and the raid to absorb most of the damage. Also the ghost form of Styrak pops down a lot more often so you will need to tank swap frequently. 

P3: Lighting Manifestation

 DPS should be pre-assigned to each of manifestations so that they can engage the manifestations right away.  

P4: Saber Throw/Force Charge

Due to the tight enrage of this fight and the amount of damage he deals at this phase, it is recommended that you drag him near the entrance so that players get pushed into the wall and not get out of heal and DPS range.



Hardmode doesn’t have much new mechanics compared to storymode but the tight enrage timer and the high incoming damage will cause groups to do things a bit differently.


Phase 2 – Kell Dragon

  • The biggest thing groups will notice in hardmode is the Spines attack. This attack now deals much more damage in hardmode (~7k damage every second) and will require the raid to move behind the tank and use the tank as a human shield to absorb the damage. Sorcerers/sages can also use their Force Barrier to block this attack as well.
  • The ghostly apparition of Styrak spawns a lot more often so you will need to kill them quick and tank swaps a lot more. There might be a special version that channels Charge on to the dragon to increase his damage so you will definitely want to eliminate him ASAP.

Phase 3 – Lighting Manifestations

  • For the four Lighting Manifestations that spawn after the big Chained Manifestation, it is helpful to have DPS pre-assigned to each manifestations so that DPS can engage them immediately and not waste any time. Be sure there is a player next to each Manifestation so they don’t damage rest of the raid standing in the middle.


Phase 4 – Saber Throw/Force Charge

  • As soon as the reanimated Kell Dragon is killed, you will want to drag Dread Master Styrak towards the entrance so the raid can place their back against the wall. This way, if you do get pushed and survive the attack, you are not out of DPS/heal range. If you do hit enrage here, his Saber Throw will one shot anyone that is not a tank (~32k damage)