Karagga's Palace

A power play has taken place on Hutta.  Karagga the Hutt is seeking to become the sole gangster boss for the entire sector and will stop at nothing to have his way.  It is up to you and your team to dethrone him and restore a tenuous power balance to Hutta.  Can you stop him?



Prefight: Eliminate the cats, then have the group back up against the side where you spawn in. Do not back up too far, or else you fall into the pit. Tanks can switch to DPS for this fight.

The main thing to remember about Bonethrasher is he is untauntable, and will switch targets often. Due to the massive damage he has when facing someone, the accepted methodology of the guild is to have the targeted player stand still while the rest of the group moves behind the boss. If Bonethrasher hits someone such that they are knocked into the ground, whomever is targeted next must ensure Bonethrasher is faced away from that player, or else that player can go down.

During the fight, Karagga will talk at regular intervals. The first time he speaks, it is to throw the band in. This is a minor nuisance, the remaining times a lone Gamorrean will appear. The group must DPS it down immediately. If Bonethrasher reaches it, he goes into a brief enrage-type period and deals massive damage to the raid. Around 50%, cats will be relased into the pit. The tanks should draw the cats to the boss where they can be hit with AOEs.

Notable pulls before 2nd fight

When approaching the lounge/cantina area, it is easier to LOS pull the entire lounge into the hall and AOE.


Jarg & Sorno

Prefight: Organize the raid such that the right column contains any melee DPS in the group. Jarg is typically marked with flame, and Sorno with Target

The overall goal is to make sure these two bosses are eliminated at roughly the same time, one will enrage after a few seconds of the other going down. It is generally easier to eliminate Sorno first, then Jarg, but circumstances can dictate otherwise. For ease of strategy the tansk can focus target the Boss they are not targeting, so they can pay attention to the difference in health between the two bosses. It may be prudent to reprioritize DPS if the discrepancy becomes more than 5%

Jarg tactics: Jarg has a melee AOE that does massive damage to those within it. It is for this reason that the left column is prioritized on Jarg, so melee DPS do not get hit. Jarg can be moved by the tank, he will jet at intervals if the tank is backing away, the tank should not retreat too quickly or uncontrolled. His abilities can be interrupted, but none of them are dealbreakers if they fire off.

Sorno tactics: Sorno has 2 abilities that should be interrupted. The important one of the two is his self heal (). The DPS should alternate between interrupts, as this cast goes off frequently. The second ability is his rapid fire. This will deal massive damage to the tank, the tank should be able to interrupt it.

Sorno Jump phase: At various points in the fight Sorno will jump up to an overhang in the room to begin firing missiles; these missiles should be avoided. When this happens, carbonizer probe droids will come out and freeze whomever is top threat on Jarg, which should be the tank. Sorno’s tank should jump to Jarg while the DPS prioritize the droid. In hard mode a second droid will spawn after some time. Jarg’s tank should be freed and have taken back Jarg to become frozen this second time.

If DPS on the droids is not an issue, melee DPS can jump up to Sorno to continue damage.


Notable pulls before 3rd fight

The next couple mobs are Womp rats. They put a debuff on you that can instantly kill you after a while if not cured. The cure is only available from a medical droid vendor. In the sewer there will be a mob of rats after a tunnel branches off to the right. That tunnel contains an ambush, so it is easier to los the mob back into the branch and aoe all of them down at once.

After exiting the sewer you will encounter a machinesmith and its creations. Kill the machinesmith and the droids go down with it. At the end of the next hall is 2 golds and a champion. Have one tank take the champion and face away while the tank and dps take the golds.

Next pull is two poisioners and a mob. One tank takes the poisioners.

The next area has 3 turrets that need to be disabled. The one on the right can easily be done by someone in stealth. The mob directly ahead can be snuck around by hugging the left wall out of the tunnel. Before attacking the second turret, take care of the patrolling mob on the bridge. CC the beast handlers and kill the beasts. For the 3rd and final turret have a tank jump in and group up mob for aoe.

Walk up the hill here and prepare for another poison-fighter. Avoid the red clouds.


Foreman Crusher

Prefight: Mark the area to the right of the red gate for the explanation. The off-tank can switch to DPS for this fight.

Pull: The OFF-TANK should pull the whole group initially, then the main tank should pull foreman crusher to the designated area facing away from the group and the red gate. DPS should prioritize the adds before turning to Foreman crusher.

Foreman crusher will go into periods of brief frenzy during the fight, which is an enrage-like buff. The main tank should call these times out to receive focused heals. At 75%, 50%, and 25% health, adds will spawn out of the red gate, the off tank should grab these mobs and pull them behind the boss for AOE damage.


Notable pulls before 4th fight


There are a couple droids with humanoids milling about. The humanoids should be CC’d before pulling since they will heal the mob. When pulling, have one tank grab the destroyer droid and face it away from the raid, while the other tank and DPS focus on the Hunter-Creeper probe droid. This droid will spawn other droids that will wipe the raid quickly if too many of them come out.

Down the elevator is a repeat only without a destroyer droid and the humanoids are far back. It is preferable to have a tank LOS the group back into the room at the bottom of the elevator.


GB-43 Heavy Fabricator

Prefight: Designate two dps (range pref) and a healer to work on the puzzle. The puzzle is the Towers of Hanoi. The group can practice the puzzle sequence as many times as they want, the boss fight will not begin until the button entering the solution is pressed. The two tanks should be a few steps apart on the wall to the left of the droid.

Puzzle: The puzzle removes a stacking damage shield being stacked on the boss, thus to faster it is removed the more effective dps will be. It is useful to jump onto the console to minimize the chance of being hit by droids or mines

Initial setup

2-legs (column 2) is pushed up

Column 3 pulls 2-legs down

1-leg (column 1) is pushed up up

Column 3 pulls 1-leg down



Main shuffle:

  • Column 3 pushes 1-leg
  • Column 2 pulls 1-leg
  • Column 3 pushes 2-legs
  • Column 1 pulls 2-legs
  • Column 2 pushes 1-leg
  • Column 1 pulls 1-leg
  • Column 3 Pushes 3-legs
  • Column 2 pulls 3-legs
  • Column 2 immediately pushes 3-legs back
  • Column 3 pulls 3-legs
  • Column 1 pushes 1 leg
  • Column 2 pulls 1-leg
  • Column 1 pushes 2-legs
  • Column 3 pulls 2-legs
  • Column 2 pushes 1-leg
  • Column 3 pulls 1-leg
  • FIRE!

Tanks: The boss puts a stacking armor debuff on the tank with threat. General consensus is to swap tanks after 5 stacks is reached, but this can be increased if the tanks and healer are comfortable with the additional damage. Fewer stacks is not feasible due to the time it takes for the debuff to wear off.

Rest of group: Droids and mines are going to spawn throughout the room. Avoid tehm as best as possible


Notable pulls before final boss

The next two mobs are the same strategy as the previous mobs. The first mob can be LOS pulled into the fabricator boss room for aoes. The second group is right at the top of the elevator so people should exit the platform slowly on the right side to avoid premature pull.

The next 3 mobs are fairly easy comparatively. In the first pull one tank will take the turret and face it away, while the other takes the big guardian mob and pulls it back. The guardian can throw a knockback, so stay alert. DPS should focus the turret and its friends, then clear the Guardian.

The second mob one tank takes the Guardian again, while the other tank grabs the rest of the mob. DPS should focus on the champions in the mob, then clean up the mob before clearing the Guardian. Go to the left mob and repeat the same strategy as mob 1.


Karagga, the Unyielding

Prefight: The group should organize themselves on the center of the grate, with the main tank off to one side (this fight will assume left, but the same mechanics can work in reverse)

Pull and tank movement: The tank should pull Karagga and turn him sideways to the rest of the raid, as most of his damage comes from his front and rear arc. As the fight progresses the boss will drop an oil-like puddle in front of him. The tank should get out of this puddle as soon as possible. The tank should slowly work Karagga around the outer edge of the room, When reaching one of the doors the players enter the room from, the tank should turn Karagga around and begin kiting him a little inside the first line of puddles to create a second line going the other direction. The enrage timer will trigger before the tank can complete another loop.

Karagga Abilities: Karagga has several abilities to watch for. The most important one is Gravity Well. When a raid member is hit with this it will root them and pull nearby raid members to their location and deal aoe damage. As this can disorient the raid, the debuff should be cleansed by healers when they notice it.

The second most dangerous ability is when Karagga summons mouse droids. A number of them spwon and will chase randomly targeted players. These can be slowed, rooted, stunned, etc, but in any case should be prioritized by the dps when the arrive.

The other abiliteis are missile barrage and tunneling drill, which hit the whole raid for minor damage. Tunneling drill will interrupt a cast, so refrain from long channel/cast time abilities during this attack.