Explosive Conflict

Something dreadful is lurking on Denova.  You must stop it before it shrouds the entire galaxy in fear!

Boss List:

Toth & Zorn

Basic things that are important to note for this fight:

  • Toth and Zorn need to be tanked apart from each other, otherwise they get a buff to damage.
  • To avoid mass group confusion, we split into two teams. All ranged are on Zorn and melee are on Toth. This avoids the Fearful debuff Toth puts on during the jump phase. Team Zorn sits on the extreme left where team Toth is on the extreme right.
  • When Toth jumps to Zorn, anyone caught in a 25 meter radius of Toth's landing gets a fearful debuff. Basically this causes any damage done to Zorn to be reflected back to the player.
  • Since the fearful debuff will always hit the Zorn tank, you have to swap tanks in hard mode. The tank that was on Toth goes to Zorn, and vice versa. Toth is tanked in the same place (just different tank). Likewise Zorn is always in the same place as well. This avoids having to move the dps around.
  • Zorn will peridoically jump/yell. When this happens, a mental anquish damage over time occurs to anyone caught in 25 meter radius. It's a stacking debuff, cleanse immediately. Shadow tanks should be able to cleanse themselves.
  • During Zorn's rock throwing phase, in hard mode, a yellow ground effect will appear under one of the ops members. The player with this yellow circle must run quickly to Toth. Stand behind him and wait until it turns purple. Once it is purple RUN out of the area, the purple mark will remain. After a brief second or two Zorn throws a huge rock at Toth, where the purple mark is. If you place it too close to the other ops members, it will damage them as well.
  • There is a spike phase which is very similar to normal mode. Red circles on the ground will show where they will appear. Simply walk about 5 meters away from them to avoid damage. During this phase all members will have periodic damage. Make sure you keep outside the 25 meter mark as Toth usually jumps at the end of the phase to Zorn.
  • Avoid fearful debuff if possible. Note what the icon looks like. If you have it, announce it so you can swap dps with a member who is on Toth. Any damage (regardless of amount) on Zorn with this debuff causes you to take about 6k of damage. Any DoTs applied while fearful and you are dead.
  • Make sure you get both Toth and Zorn to about 10% before trying to take one down over the other. Always make sure Toth dies first, then transition to Zorn.
  • We generally have a melee dps come over to even out Zorn's percentage towards the end of the fight.  This is to make sure both Toth and Zorn are at around 10% before the final transition.

IMPORTANT: This one isn't always specified in MOST guides.

Any tanks that have a potential to inflict a DoT on Zorn when tanking MUST MUST MUST stop dps about 2 - 3% before the transition. Otherwise, the DoT will remain in affect when they get fearful, and it will kill the tank (or will get tons of spike damage).

Firebrand & Stormcaller

Like the Toth and Zorn fight, there are plenty of other fancy guides that will describe a lot of this better. This is mostly being written down as a reminder and to point out specific things we have encountered while trying to defeat them.

The video included will show a bit on what we've found and fight mechanics.

Basic things that are important to note:

Firebrand is on the left and Stormcaller is on the right. They cannot be repositioned at all as they are stationary. Like other boss fights, they needed to be killed fairly simultaneously.

Split the group up into two groups. A tank for each . . well . . tank, a healer and two dps. Group make ups can vary. Some folks go all melee for Stormcaller, but we actually do a ranged and melee on that tank.

When the fight starts, all ops members fight on top of the tanks. One lucky member gets to be down on the ground. This mechanic will be described shortly. Some groups use a healer, however we use a ranged DPS as we found it better suited to our needs.

Once the start fights, red circles appear on the ground. Standing in them is bad as rockets will fall to these areas and cause lots of damage. Being on the tanks avoids this. The ops member on the ground will have to avoid these best they can.

Ops tanks should position the turrets away from the other members on top of the tanks as both do frontal AoEs. Generally, the ops tank for Firebrand stands on the outside (or left) of the tanks. I think the other tank is positioned at 6 - 7 o'clock on Stormcalller.

Ops tank for Firebrand needs to avoid getting the incenerate armor debuff. Although it's possible to heal through the damage, it's fairly spikey and hard to do. Ideally someone else on the team should take the threat, have the debuff placed on them, and then have the ops tank taunt it back. Some groups try and move the ops tanks around to switch targets, but it gets really messy. If someone can taunt the turrent off the ops tank then that is best. In our group, we have a sage perform a rescue on the ops tank which drops his threat. Once the turret performs the debuff on another ops member, the ops tanks re-engages the turret. Note: Incinerate armor only happens once per 'tank' phase. It generally comes after Stormcaller does its double destruction ability.

Ops tank for Stormcaller needs to be aware of when double desctruction is being cast. When it occurs, the tank moves the turret over to where the dps is standing, and makes sure the ops members on the tank are in front of him/her. This way, the double destruction debuff goes onto them instead of the ops tank. Once this is done, the ops tank moves back to their original tanking position. Double destruction generally occurs twice in this phase. Only after the first double destruction does Firebrand do it's incinerate armor debuff.

All the while this is going on, the ops member forced to remain on the ground is doing a couple of things. 1. Not standing in red circles to avoid rocket damage. 2. Avoiding the lightening rockets that fall. They tick for large amounts of damage if you are caught in them. 3. Yellow circles will appear under their feet. These need to be dispelled. Otherwise the player will get hit with a large amount of damage. Also, this member needs to stay out of the Stormcaller frontal AoE range. As if that wasn't enough, this person needs to heal or dps. We use a healer for this as we want focused DPS on bosses.

After the tanks get to a certain percentage (see below) a new phase will occur. In this phase mobs will appear under a shield. Each group will need too move off the tanks and under the shields. DPS the mobs down while AVOIDING the shield generator. It only has 5900 health and it takes damage every time rockets hit it. Any kind of damage to it will cause the shield to disappear early and the falling rockets will cause lots of damage. At the end of this phase, the ops members will need to get back oon top of the tanks and repeat the first phase. Note: During this phase, Stormcaller's ops tank will be the one running around outside of the shield. Much like the first volunteered member. When the mobs are down, and phase 1 occurs again, the original ground member takes over. Also of note: The mobs will appear in one of three places. 1. Front of tanks 2. To the left of Firebrand or the right of Stormcaller 3. Behind the tanks. There is no real warning of where they will appear, you need to wait for them to show.

The CSL strategy differs slightly from other guilds.  We direct all DPS to attack Stormcaller first and "rush" it down to 15%.  This allows us to better control when the "Defensive Systems" occurs.  At 15% all DPS switches to Firebrand until both tanks are down to 10% or so.  Then they split off to focus them down simultaneously (or as closely as possible).


Transitioning between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is done through percentage of health on the tanks. The first transition hits when both tanks are at 80% or lower (every other transition is in 20% decrements). So transitions can be controlled. This is important because unless your dps can really pump out damage, Stormcaller will do double damage twice in the phase (it's time based vs. phase transition which is % health based). If the tank does double damage at the 80% mark, the transition will happen around the same time and it's game over. In our cases, a lightning AoE would always drop on the ops members for Stormcaller.

Colonel Vorgath

Third boss in expolsive conflict. Again, if you seen or been in the normal mode, the fight is very similar. Will give some overview on how the fight works, and the changed mechanics for hard mode. Below, there will be a video showing our attempt.

Basic plot of the fight is a maze of squares in the field. Some are okay to be on (green) others are not (red). The first part of the fight is getting across the mine field by disarming the mines. After the mine field, you get to Colonel Vorgath. Here you deal with the two adds, and DPS the boss down. At some point, turrets spawn. All this will be described below.

Basic mechanics.

Elect a member of the ops group to stand in the tower. Usually this is an off tank. A little bit of DPS gear will help. The rest of the folks will stand next to the tower and wait for the field to light up with a green square. Usually there is one nearby.

We have folks help in the tower at the beginning of the fight as a mob will spawn periodically and fly to the tower. This way the puzzle worker can start opening up the maze quicker. The tank clicks a few rows of mines to find a green square the ops group can move onto. Everyone (except the tank) moves forward to this area only.

The tank will remain in the tower throughout the duration of this fight, and a wall of fire will be below it so no one can go back to help the tank with the random mob that appears.

When the tank gets a chance, they click the blue button near the console and they turn into a hologram on the mine field. They run around and sweep for stealthed imperial demoltions droids. When they find one, they should return to the tower to open up new mines on the display and find a way through the field as short as possible.

While the tank does that, the rest of the ops group needs to kill this unstealthed droid. During this time, the droid performs two abilities. Cleave and Overload. They can be interrupted to save on damage.

NOTE: On hard mode Overload MUST be interrupted. Otherwise it can wipe the group. Ideally Cleave should be interrupted too, but not at the cost of Overload.

During this phase, spawns will appear. There are two kinds. Defected Imperial Troopers and Assasin Droids. The troopers will run into the raid. If there are some AoE abilities being used, they can be killed pretty easily. Generally try not to take dps off the demolitions droid as they will hit an enrage timer.

On hard mode these droids need to be CC'd. If they get to the ops group, they will explode and cause lots of damage. Generally CC these until the large demolitions droid is dead, then ranged takes care of the Assassin droids. They also can be knocked back if need be.

Once the demolitions droid is defeated, the ops member with the last hit get a disarming buff. The tank in the tower neutralizes a red square (square with a mine) and it will turn yellow.

(buff is only 10ish seconds so don't waste too much time)

Do not follow them until the square is green. The member with the buff goes in and can click on the mine. It will turn the square green, and folks can advance.

Rinse and repeat.

While the ops group moves across the field, turrets will be shooting at them. Nothing to be done here, group heals will help out. Also, periodically a mob will fly into the tower to visit the tank there. Shouldn't be too bad to deal with them. DPS as quickly as can and continue with opening new mines, and going down to find stealthed droids.

Once the ops team makes it across the mine field, there is a blue switch on the right heading up the ramp on a wall. Clicking it disables the fire/mine field so the tank in the tower can make it across. Remember to only step on green squares. Sometimes, they all don't turn when the switch is flipped.

The last part of the fight involved killing the two adds with Vorgath, and then having him tanked. He will place a red circle on ops members from time to time. There are two different ones. One will follow you when you move. If it is, run away from the rest of the group. It'll explode, and the healers will need to heal through it. The other red circle is one you can move out of. Move out of it quickly and continue the fight.

He will unleash turrets about half way through. On normal mode these can be CC'd and dealt with after Vorgath is killed.

NOTE: On hard mode, these turrets NEED to be killed. Pick a rotation and focus fire them until they are all dead. Get back to the boss.

Generally the fight isn't too bad. A few mechanics change in hard mode, but they aren't terrible if you know what to look for.


- Don't walk into red squares unless you want to blow up.
- Don't try jumpining diaganols. You think it will work, but you will just blow up.
- Slow and steady may win the race, but dpsing fast to get the demolition droid down is needed to progress before enrage timers.
- Try and pick a quick best path solution through the mine field. Less optimal paths are likely to hit an enrage time.
- Don't stand near the tower as fight progresses. Fire will appear and one shot you. This goes away when the switch at the far end fo the mine field is depressed.
- MUST interrupt Overload cast by Demo Droid
- If you can, also interrupt the Cleave
- CC the Assassin droids until Demo Droid is dead. Then range dps the assassin droids.
- Kill turrets that spawn by Vorgath first, then continue to dps the boss.
- Mob that spawn in the tower with the tank is now an elite. Still should be easily killed. Just more work.


Boss Description:
Warlord Kephess is the final boss in the EC Operation. He sits inside a giant walker, and will drop out to fight you towards the end of the fight.

Fight Information:
When the fight starts there are three champion mobs called Imperial Siege Droid and a large robot boss called Warstrider Battlewalker. The robot can not be tanked, so the tanks should pick up the three champions and they should be burned down. Alternatively, since the Imperial Siege Droids cast an ability called Calibrating Shot it is ideal to have a DPS with an interrupt on the third Droid, allowing for all 3 to be interrupted. Players should interrupt this ability as it gives a stacking buff on the Droid that increases their damage done, accuracy, and reducing damage taken. As this is happening the Warstrider Battlewalker will fire at places on the ground, doing large amounts of damage. Players need to be heads up and see where it will fire, and move out of it. It should be noted, as of 1.2 going live, the area in which the Warstrider Battlewalker shoots his aoe is now a set pattern.

After the Imperial Siege Droids are dead a single mob will spawn called Baradium Bomber with a large explosion icon over his head. He should be burned down quickly so that he doesn't explode. When he is killed, a player gets that icon over their head. That player should get healed, shielded, and then run over to the Warstrider Battlewalker. That player will automatically start an animation that brings the boss to it's knees. All DPS should then focus on the boss. It's important for dps to blow all of their offensive cooldowns here, including Bloodthirst/Inspiration - players need to kill the walker within three attempts.

Players should be able to bring the boss at least to 70% - 60% in the first damage phase. After about 10 seconds the boss will stand back up, and summon more adds. This time it will be a group of about 6 strong mobs with a shield around them. Players should tank these adds right where the first group spawns. The Trandoshan Warrior is the mob that has the shield, and should be burned first. 3 groups of these adds will spawn, and they should be killed. NOTE: The Shield acts as a damage reflector. Think of it as Fearful from Toth/Zorn but in bubble form. If you hit any add that are inside the shield other than the Trandoshan Warrior, you risk killing yourself almost instantly. The first group should be dead before the second one spawns. As soon as the second (and 3rd) groups are up the OT should attack the warrior, keeping it in place while the other mobs run to the group because of heal aggro. The MT will pick them up here.

After the shielded enemies are all dead, another Baradium Bomber with the icon over his head will spawn, and players will need to repeat the previous steps of killing it and damaging the Warstrider Battlewalker. Once that is complete two new adds will spawn - champion Pulsar Power Droid. All players must stack inside of him. (Within the red hitbox circle under him.) If you do not, he will proceed to randomly railshot anybody, if 1 or more people are not stacked inside. While you are attacking one of them, the other will place a large purple circle under himself doing damage to anybody inside. After a few moments, an emote in red text will appear saying "The Pulsar Droids Are Reversing Their Circuits". This is the indication your raid needs to switch to the other droid. This cycle repeats until both are dead. NOTE: The railshot the droids are firing if someone isn't stacked inside of them hits for 15k+ and could hit anybody, even the stacked people.

Once they are down another Baradium Bomber will spawn, and shortly after Warlord Kephess will drop out of the Warstrider Battlewalker, whether or not it has been defeated. Players should continue to kill the Warstrider Battlwalker while they can, and then focus on Warlord Kephess. Periodically in Warlord Kephess's first phase, he will place large red circles on the ground, and then jump to the red circle doing massive damage. Players should avoid these at all costs. NOTE: As usual, the damage radius is about 150% the size of the reticule. At about 60% Warlord Kephess will pull everyone in and cast Gift of The Masters which is a massive purple AoE much like what the pulsar droids cast before. All raid members need to pop any speed boosts and immediately run to a designated spot. Have marauders/sentinels cast predation/transcendence.

After Kephess casts "Gift of the Masters" he will enter his final stage. Here he will cast purple circles under a tank, which must be placed on the ground away from the raid. Kephess will knock back the tank, and immediately after follow it up by casting "Breath of the Masters". The OT must taunt during this cast, and the MT will have a debuff that places purple circles under his feet. The Knockback also places "Touch of the Masters" on the tank in hardmode, and if the OT hasn't taunted by the time "Breath of the Masters" is finished, the MT will be hit for about 25k. After 10 - 15 seconds of this, Kephess will once again cast a knockback on the tank, and the original tank must taunt back during the "Breath of the Masters" attack. Repeat this until the boss is dead.

Positioning in this fight is key in some phases.During the Trandoshan Warrior phases, position your raid where the first set of these adds spawn, to avoid the Warstrider Battlewalkers ground aoe. Positioning is also critical during the Pulsar Droid phase, if even one person isn't stacked, you risk a random member getting hit by the railshot. In the final phase, the tanks should be trying to place the purple circles around the outside along the walls, and the tank that's tanking the boss needs to position himself to get knocked into a wall, so he doesn't get knocked out range of the off tank or the healers.

- You can stun the Bombardiers right before their buff expires that causes them to explode - this delays the explosion.