Dread Fortress

Styrak is dead; 5 others remain and they will not stop until the galaxy is destroyed by its own fear and terror.  It is up to you and your team to charge into the Dread Fortress on Oricon and face several dangerous foes who will fight and die to protect their leader, Dread Master Brontes.

Boss List:


Key Mechanics:

1.Tanks needs to stand together to share cleave damage

2.Healers need to be assigned cleanse targets and cleanse green dots

3.Avoid exploding droid adds.

Two tanks will need to stand together in front of Nefra to share and split the cleave damage from his Double Strike attack (which can obliterate a tank otherwise).

  • If one of the tanks go down, a DPS (melee preferred with some survival cooldowns) will need to stand in their place until the tank can be resurrected.
  • It is suggested that you tank Nefra by one of the pillars and have the raid scattered around Nefra’s back. 
  • Tip: One of the tanks can guard the other one to reduce damage taken.
  • Green Dots will go out periodically to the entire raid.
  • DPS who can cleanse themselves should do so to allow healers to focus on other DPS/tanks.
  • Due to the cooldown on cleanses, you will want to assign cleanse targets for each healer so there is no wasting of cleanses.
  • This DoT is called Voice of the Masters (internal damage) and will tick for 2k damage per second until it is cleansed.  Tip: Evasion works to remove this DoT as well for agents/smugglers.
  • Overloaded Assault Droid will run into a random raid member periodically and attempt to explode (explosion area is covered by the big red circle).
  • Players who fail to move out of the circle will likely be killed.
  • Tanks will need to pay attention and not fall asleep during this fight as these droids can run to the tanks and explode.
  • Tip: A ranged DPS can try to grab aggro on the adds to prevent them running to the tank.

Gate Commander Draxus


Team One: Tank, Healer, DPS, DPS

Team Two: Tank, Healer, DPS, DPS

  • Team One goes left, Team two goes right. Team One open outer gates for Team Two to enter and then move to Interior South Gate.
  • Once Team Two clear through their mobs, they will be able to click on the two crystals on either side of the main arena.  Once Team Two have clicked the crystals at the same time, all gates will open, allowing Team One to pass through using the same path as Team Two. You will see this message on your screen: The South Gate Has been Opened.


Draxus can be damaged usually only 20% every time before he flies off. When he flies off, he will spawn waves of adds that will swarm your raid.  The key to this fight is proper add management as Draxus himself is a pushover. He does have a conal attack (Suppressive Fire)  so you will need to face him away from the raid. He will also throw Corrosive Grenades at the raid that can be cleansed (by any class) and seems to lose aggro randomly to a DPS/healer when he throws out Corrosive Grenade so tanks need to keep an eye and watch out when that happens. The Corrosive grenade is an AoE so spread out or you will have half of the raid with the DoT. At the 20% phase, he seems to be immune damage for a few seconds right after landing so use that time to clean up the Corruptor/Despoiler adds (while ignoring the Guardian adds) before finishing him off.


















3x Dispatcher

1x Dispatcher
2x Subteroths




2x Dispatcher
1x Corruptor

2x Dispatcher
1x Corruptor




1x Dismantler

1x Dismantler

2x Subteroths



2x Dispatcher
1x Bulwark

2x Dispatcher
1x Bulwark

2x Corruptor
1x Bulwark



1x Dismantler

1x Dismantler

1x Dispatcher
1x Corruptor
1x Bulwark
1x Despoiler



1x Guardian

1x Guardian

2x Subteroths



2x Corruptor
1x Bulwark

2x Corruptor
1x Bulwark

1x Despoiler



1x Guardian

1x Guardian

2x Dispatcher
1x Corruptor


Handling the Add waves 

  • Note that some part of it is largely arbitrary. It is what my raid group does which may or may not work for your raid group (Idea taken from reader Josh)
  • Wave 1: Take care of Subteroth adds, avoid their exploding AoE (release the beasts, let them feed)
  • Wave 2: One tank and melee DPS go west while rest of the DPS focus on east. Once east is cleared finish up west. (Rally defend the masters)
  • Wave 3: We split the raid, interrupt and kill Corruptors first. One of the tanks go grab Draxus. Leave all but 1 Dispatcher alive and then damage the boss. (Your attack ends now)
  • Wave 4: Kill Dismantlers ASAP, if you see Dismantlers pushing the other tank off, quickly taunt it so it doesn’t leap and kill the tank. (Take them down)
  • Wave 5: One of the tanks grab Draxus, the other go on east side and grab the adds. One DPS engage the adds on the west and remaining DPS all go to south. Priority is interrupting and killing the two Corruptors on south side. You can ignore Bulwark’s shield by going inside them to DPS. Kill all but Bulwarks and then DPS Draxus down. (Rise dread guard)
  • Wave 6: DPS go south to interrupt and kill the Corruptor/Despoilers and then burn down the Dismantlers. Finish Dispatch and Bulwark after the Dismantlers are dead. (This isn’t over yet)
  • Wave 7: Tanks grab Guardians and kill them first before dealing with the Subteroths. (Stop them, stop them)
  • Wave 8: Kite the Despoiler from south to either east or west side. Split your raid to interrupt and kill the 2x corruptors on each side. (Reinforcements, go)
  • Wave 9: Kill the Dispatchers and Corruptors first since Draxus is immune to damage for the first 30 seconds. You may have time to kill one of the Guardians as well. Once Draxus is vulnerable, kill him and then finish off the Guardian after. (I will finish this myself)


  • Subteroths: These guys explode when killed so you will want to kite them away from the raid for the last few % before killing them. 
  • Dread Guard Dispatcher: Seems to have a random aggro table, casts Force Lightning nonstop. Mostly harmless compared to other adds.
  • Dread Guard Corruptor: Casts Mass Affliction (force attack) on the entire raid, can be cleansed by sorc/sage healers but ticks for ~ 1400 damage every second. You will want to interrupt them ASAP. Cast time is 8 seconds so that is plenty of time to interrupt them. 
  • Dread Guard Dismantler: This add will one shot raid members so you must be very alert and taunt him immediately when you see him pushes someone. He has a one second cast called Strong Swipe which cannot be interrupted. This is a huge knockback on the target player with a debuff that increase their damage taken from the Dismantler by something like 1000%. If the Dismantler follow with a leap attack (Obliterate), it will deals over 130k damage to the player with the debuff.
  • Dread Guard Bulwark: Casts a shield which reflects all attacks coming from outside the shield. You can no longer interrupt the shield so you will need to run into the shield and continue to DPS as normal. 
  • Dread Guard Despoiler: You will only see this add spawning in wave 6 and 8 but he heals other adds and the boss so should be interrupted and killed quick.
  • Guardian of the Fortress: Has a massive AoE atttack called Slam with a purple telegraphed area. Cast time is 2.5 seconds so you have time to run into him and avoid the AoE. Also seems to throw out a green dot called Affliction to two random raid members that cannot be cleansed and has no cast time (~deals around 3-4k damage per tick, don’t confuse this with Mass Affliction from the corruptors). Lastly, their Ravage attack will stun you but you can break out with a stun breaker.


Key Mechanics:

  • Overhead Smash: Periodic raidwide AoE damage that knocks players a bit off the ground (interrupts casts)
  • Roar: Conal attack. Can turn while casting 3.5 sec. Tanks should wait to turn.
  • Pipe Smash: High damage AoE attack that can be stopped by kiting the boss under the magnetic lift, which will lift his arm and stun him for a short duration. Lift spawns on the two corners of the room. (Lift will also cc any player caught under it.)
  • Mining Droid: Targets a random raid member and they will run around leaving behind a lava trail.
  • Adds: Dreadful Ugnaughts, can be either killed or kited through the lava trail. Offtank will need to grab them.


  1. Overhead Smash is a periodic raidwide AoE attack that hits for ~8k damage (only ~2k if player is shielded). It knocks everyone into the air slightly and interrupt any casts. There is a cast timer of 3 seconds so you can see it if you have Grok’Thok as a focus target. The attack is fairly infrequent so should not put too much stress on the healers.
  2. Roar is a conal attack that mostly affect tanks as long Grob’thok is turned away from rest of the raid. It has a 3.5s cast and Grob’Thok can turn while he is channeling the attack so tanks will need to wait until the cast is almost finished before running throguh Grob’Thok to avoid it.
  3. Pipe Smash is an attack you want try to minimize since it reduces Grob’thok’s incoming damage (by around 80% or so) and he will keep spamming this attack until you stop him (about 7k damage per smash). The way you avoid this attack is by using the magnetic lifts on the ceiling that travels around the room. This attack doesn’t come immediately so it isn’t something you have to worry about right away.

When Grob’Thok is near 80-85% HP, try drag him near the magnetic lift so if you see him casting Pipe Smash, let him finish casting it and immediately drag him under the magnetic lift to stop it. The lift will freeze his pipe arm, stopping subsequent Pipe Smash attacks. This will also stun Grob’Thok for a short duration before the lift blows up.

Pipe Smash seems to be on a 60s timer.  Warning: Melee DPS/tanks must be careful to never stand under the lift as the lift will lift them in the air and stun them until they used a stun breaker. Sorc/sage can also use their pull to get whoever stunned under it out (not ideal if tank is the one under the lift).

  1. From time to time, one random raid member will get targeted by the Mining Droid. This player have “lava” feet and must move around to negate the damage.
  2. Moving around will cause them to drop a trail of lava and they will get a debuff icon in addition to the red text on screen. This trail can be used to deal with the Dreadful Ugnaught adds that constantly spawn.
  3. A group of 3 Dreadful Ugnaughts adds will constantly spawn on a timer during the fight to harass raid members. Offtank will need to grab them as they can pack a punch if they gang up on someone.
  4. They have about 25k HP each and will need to be killed as the next group spawns regardless if the previous group is killed.
  5. DPS can either drop some of their AoE abilities on them or offtank can drag them through the lava trails as they are susceptible to it.
  6. Regardless, you don’t want to waste too much DPS on them as the enrage timer on this fight is fairly tight.

Corruptor Zero

Key Mechanics

  • Tank Swap: Tank receives a stacking debuff from boss that forces them to tank swap at 4-6 stacks. 
  • Concussion Mine: Appears to be a casted at random raid member sometime during the fight (no exact % but has a cast bar). Whoever gets this stacking debuff will near AoE damage to themselves and rest of the raid. They will need to run to the boss and damage him with this ability to get it removed. 
  • Adds: Droid adds that spawns before and during the fight. One of them will target a random raid member and put down a red circle with Missile Salvo.

Melee Mode:

  • Massive Slam – a PBAOE that deals around 4k damage.
  • Heavy Slash – Channeled attack on tank that does a ton of damage. Healers/tanks need to be ready for this. Leaves a Bleed at the end (Physical) that can be cleansed by operatives/scoundrels and commandos/mercs.

Ranged Mode:

  • Anti-Gravity Field – red circle casted on tank that lifts them and cause aggro drop if not avoided.
  • Chest Laser – Channeled attack w/ DoT that should be cleansed (tech)
  • Missile Barrage – raidwide AoE centered on each person, spread out to lessen damage.

 Past 20% mode:

  • Unified Beam – Laser attack past 20%, anyone caught in the path of the beam will be instant-killed. Adds at this point become melee.

Tank Swap

Tanks will be receiving a stacking debuff from the boss that increase the boss’s damage dealt to them so they will need to swap after 4-6 stacks. Swap at lower stacks if your tanks can’t handle the damage.

Concussion Mine

This can potentially wipe your raid if not handled properly. At a random time during the fight, one random raid member will get a debuff icon shaped like a mine. This debuff keeps stacking up and deals increasing AoE damage to the player and anyone around him. You will see him casting it but you can also tell if this debuff is is on your via your debuff icon or if you see a sphere keeps exploding over your character. When you receive this debuff, you will need to run next to the boss and damage him with this AoE attack to remove it.

  • 5.5 k damage at 1 stack
  • 8.5k damage at 2 stacks
  • 11.3k damage at 3 stacks.
  • 14k damage at 4 stacks.



  • Before you get to fight Corruptor Zero, you will need to face a large group of adds. The two adds to note are the D-03 Repair Droid which heals other adds and the D-15 Corruption Droid which drops a red circle on a random member and casts Missile Salvo on that player. Whoever receives that red circle needs to stay away from other players to prevent collateral damage. Missile Salvo hits for about 8k damage. Offtank will need to grab the adds and tank them.
  • D-15 Corruption Droid can be crowd controlled to lessen the damage.

Melee mode

  • When Corruptor Zero is in melee mode, he will use the Massive Slam and Heavy Slash abilities. All of the droid adds that he spawns will be ranged.
  • Corruptor Zero himself have a PBAOE (Proximity based AoE) attack in melee mode called Massive Slam that deals around ~4k damage per slam. The cast time on it is only 0.5s but as long you stay a bit of distance away from him the attack isn’t something to worry about.
  • Healers and Tanks need to be aware of a channeled attack from Corruptor Zero called Heavy Slash. This is 3.5s channel that does a ton of damage to the targeted tank so be sure to pop defensive CDs if you see this attack coming up. It leaves a Bleed DoT (physical) that can be cleansed by operatives/scoundrels and commandos/mercs.

Ranged Mode

  • When Corruptor Zero is in ranged mode, he will used the Anti-Gravity Field, Chest Laser, and Missile Barrage attacks exclusively. All of the droid adds he spawn will be melee.
  • Anti-Gravity Field is a large red circle around Corruptor Zero that tanks and melee DPS need to get out of ASAP. This red circle not only lifts those who fail to get out (stun breakers does not appear to work here), it also cause aggro drop which can be a serious issue for tanks caught in the circle. Tank swap here if the main tank is caught inside the circle.
  • Chest Laser is the equivalent of Heavy Slash in melee mode, it is a channeled attack that applies a DoT at the end (tech) which should be cleansed. Normally this attack is reserved for tanks but if the tanks fail to get out of Anti-Gravity Field, Corruptor Zero will switch to the next highest threat and this attack can kill a DPS/healer easily.
  • Missile Barrage is the equivalent of Massive Slam in melee mode but this is a raidwide AoE centered on every raid member instead of a PBAOE. You will need to spread out to prevent overlapping damage (it is like the Titan 6 fight). This is not a channeled attack but rather there is a slight delay between the cast and the arrival of missiles so he can use other attacks while missiles are homing down your raid.

Unified Beam

Corruptor Zero goes into this mode shortly after hitting the 20-30% mark. He will randomly teleport to a section of the room (the room is shaped like a cross) and shoot his giant lasers. Anyone caught in the path of the laser will be instant-killed (even if you stand on the sides, the laser will still kill you). The trick to avoiding the laser is to 1) Mark Corruptor Zero so you know where he is and 2) Run to a corner and stand in the section of the cross that is diagonal to the beam (a simpler way to put this is don’t be in line of sight of the beam).

The beam hits for ~50k damage so if you have any denfensive cooldowns that can reduce the damage or block the damage you may able to survive it.

Where he lands for the first time is random but after that he switches to the opposite half the cross so as long you are standing in the section where he was standing with the previous beam you won’t die to the beam.

Dread Master Brontes

Phase 1:

Phase 1 has three types of enemies

  • Left Hand of Brontes
  • Right Hand of Brontes
  • Finger of Brontes

Fingers of Brontes should be killed by DPS ASAP as they can deal a lot of damage if you don’t kill them quickly (they will normally use their Pulse Beam attack which only deals ~3k damage but if you don’t kill them before their buff timer expires, they will start using Focused Beam which hits for anywhere from 5-10k per hit). They do spawn in random locations so DPS have to keep an eye out for them.

The Left and Right Hand of Brontes

  • Turn away from the raid as they have a nasty conal slam attack that can wreck the raid if not turned away.
  • Each hand will despawn and respawn on the other side of the room if you deal a certain % of damage to it (~20%).
  • When they despawn, a debuff is left on the tank, so they will need to be picked up by a different tank when they reappear (i.e. tank swap).
  • Focus all the DPS on one hand first.  Whenever hands respawn they do a tank swap. The second method is what my raid group uses as we find it easier to manage.


During the transition, a pair of Reach of Brontes will spawn at the feet of random players and start beaming together. Anyone caught inside the beam will die instantly. Those who are too close to the Reach of Brontes will take massive AoE damage unless they move away. Four pairs will spawn one after the other during this transition.


Phase 2:

  • During phase 2, you get to damage Dread Master Brontes to 50%. You have to watch out for three things
  • Brontes’s Arcing Assault cleave and tank swap
  • Corrupted Clone’s Laser Blaster and nanites
  • Energy Spheres (run into at 15-19 stacks)
  • Dread Master Brontes has a frontal cleave called Arcing Assault. This attack come in two versions, a 1s cast and a 4s channel that usually casted back to back. The 1s cast isn’t too worrisome but the 4s channel will place 4 stacks of debuff on the tank, which increases their damage taken from Brontes and forces a tank swap. Make sure to turn Brontes away from the raid as well or the entire raid will get cleaved and debuffed by Arcing Assault.


Corrupted Clones of Kephess will also spawn during this phase and they will need to be tanked by the offtank.

  • Much like Kephess in Terror from Beyond, the clone has a conal attack called Laser Blast and will need to be faced away from the raid.
  • In addition to the Laser Blast attack, the clone will throw out one Corrupted Nanites (2 in HM) on random raid members which can be cleansed.
  • Starting at ~65%, Brontes will say “Your limitations must be explored” and Energy Spheres will appear around the room.
  • These Energy Spheres are attached to one random player in the raid (usually a DPS).
  • Whoever is targeted by the Energy Sphere need to run into it to explode it but you do not want to do this until the Energy Sphere has at least 15+ stacks (but under 20) of a buff.
  • If you run into the sphere too early, you will take too much damage and likely die
  • If you let the sphere get 20 stacks, it will explode dealing massive AoE damage.
  • If you have defensive cooldowns that significantly reduce your damage intake (i.e. marauders/sentinels), you can run into them early, just don’t explode them near the raid.

50% Transition:

  • Before you reach the 50% transition and trigger it, you want to clean up the Clones (and Energy Spheres in HM) as much as you can as they can make this transition difficult. Do not stand in the direction that Brontes is facing when this transition starts (she always faces the same direction) or you will die right away when her beam comes up. 
  • Brontes’s beam will start in a clockwise fashion and if her beam touches any of the Unshielded D-09 Droids, there will be a massive explosion that wipes out your raid. Your goal is to kill the droids before her beam gets there.This is a DPS race for the most part. 
  • Once her beam completes a full revolution around the room, this transition ends. Healers will need to be prepared and top everyone off/bubble everyone as the next phase is very intensive for healing.


Phase 3:


At start of Phase 3, there will be 6 Fingers of Brontes in the middle and two Hands of Brontes on the side. It is tank’s job to grab the Hands of Brontes while everyone else grab one Finger of Brontes and stand next to it. (It helps if you pre-assign everyone to a finger). You want a healer on either side so they can be in range of the tanks holding Hands of Brontes.

Spike of Pain is a purple circle place under random player. It deals ~10-12k damage if you do not move out of it. With how heretic this phase, some purple circles may go unnoticed and they can kill off players who are low on HP. It is worth mentioning them early so you know to avoid them.


Fingers of Brontes: Everyone need to focus on one Finger at a time as these fingers will start casting Focused Beams that deals massive damage if they are not killed quickly enough.  You cannot move away from the Fingers as they will start shooting someone else instead so you want to kill melee DPS’s fingers, then healers, and then finally ranged DPS. This order free up the melee DPS right away so they can help with other fingers and allow healers to focus on healing.

Hands of Brontes:

  • Tanks will need to kite Hands of Brontes’s slam to kill Energy Spheres that are trying to reach rest of the raid while rest of the raid is killing their fingers.
  • The spheres will come from two corners of the room but which corner they spawn from is purely random.
  • Also be careful to never point the slam at rest of the raid as that can cause some serious raid damage.
  • Once all the Fingers are dead, focus DPS on the Hands evenly.
  • The Energy Spheres do not stop coming until both hands are dead and transition to phase 4 so if you despawn one hand too early (despawns at ~ 5%), you will have nothing to destroy the Energy Spheres on that side.


Phase 4:


Phase 4 is a soft enrage phase. Both hands will spawn again with their low HP on two diagonal corners of the room. Getting each Hand to 5% spawns a shield around them, which cleanses the stacking debuff you get from Brontes. You can fight Brontes until you get 10 stacks of her debuff, then run and damage a Hand to 5% to spawn the shield. Repeat this again for the other hand when you get another 10 stacks.

  • Manifest Supremacy is her stacking debuff, which increases the damage you take from Brontes but is also a DoT that ticks harder with more stacks. It appears to tick every 5 seconds and when you get to ~20 stacks it can deal close to 10k damage per tick.
  • Purple circles will spawn on top of random players. Move away from them.
  • Fire and Forget – selects a random raid member and punt them away like Styrak in S&V last phase. Tanks need to taunt Brontes back immediately after she punts someone or they will be killed. Ideally everyone should have their back to a wall but the purple circles make it a bit hard to stack up.
  • Once the hands are dead, pull Brontes to a wall and tank her there
  • Your goal here is to kill Brontes before her stacking debuff becomes too much to handle.